Saturday, June 04, 2005

Sunrise over the mists and turning tide at Mossy Point

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donna said...

I live by the sea at Wallaroo in South Australia.My youngest daughter and I like to share a sunset once in a while and let me tell you they can be pretty spectacular.Last nights especially before the rain finally fell was full of ominous dark clouds and pinky purple light.My garden has certainly enjoyed the water but the wind was so strong some of the seedlings were flattened.Squishing snails this morning with my size 10s was envigourating.I've plenty of soursobs in my garden(oxalis) is I think the name,tryed everything to get rid of them no luck yet.

Alice said...

Donna - many thanks for the comment. I hope the rain helped your garden and that it will be the first of much more. If you do decide to open a site on do let me know your URL so that we can share our interest in the wonderful challenge of gardening.