Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Oh, to be in the garden now the soil is damp ..."

Is there anything more exciting than working with damp, friable soil on a sunny winter's day? Well, there's probably a few things but not if you are an Australian gardener who has longed for that elusive, soaking rain. Only weeks ago I wondered if the soil would ever hold water again, and today I think I can plant anything and everything and it will grow forever.

The jonquils have tripled in height since the rain, the peas keep outstripping the lattice, and the arctotis is becoming a rapidly advancing silver avalanche down the garden. The 'Winter Joy' wallflower is about to become just that, and the centranthus and yellow daisies are competing for the best display. Even the lawn has clumps of green. Is it grass, do you think?

I almost want Spring to arrive tomorrow but I know we need some more frosts to kill the bugs, etc. and restore the normal seasonal balance. So, I'll continue to enjoy Winter, working in the garden when it's sunny and warm, and sewing, reading or writing when it's cold outside and cosy inside.

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The non-stop flowering pink Marguerite.

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The silver lace of Pyrethrum.

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Bees are still enjoying this Correa.

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Lemons are thriving, too.

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Maggie Ann said...

Lemons, oh my goodness, have never seen anything like that!