Sunday, July 17, 2005

Whose Winter is it Anyway?

It certainly feels like winter now, but definitely not a Canberra winter. Since the rain began five weeks ago practically every day has been cloudy, with a few spots of rain, if not a lot more. Our normal winter consists of frosty mornings followed by clear sunny (almost warm) days. So whose winter are we having?

It doesn't matter because we have been so grateful for the rain. We can now see green grass, full dams and water lying in any depression. The lowering clouds signal time to go inside where it's warm. It's just the sort of weather that requires a blazing open fire, a comfy chair, a good book and relaxing music. A continual supply of steaming cups of tea and coffee and the occasional hot scone would complete the picture. Well, one can dream, I suppose?

Many plants are still flowering, including my 'pretend' Cosmos which are only about 15cm high. Flower colour seems to be intensified in very deep purple Penstemons and the normally pink Centranthus now bearing beautiful dark cherry-red flowers.

I saw a number of Prunus in flower today so, is that Spring I see peeping around the corner? Not yet, 'coz I'm enjoying winter, even if it's not mine!

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ms*robyn said...

Hi Alice ~ winter is my favourite time of year. I thrive in the cold & here in the Blue Mountains, so far has been a mild winter, although the past 3 days have been chilly. I think winter arrives later than when I was a little girl. Winter seems to go from July through to November sometimes !

also ~ thanks for visiting my blog * and I am going off now to have a peek at yours :)