Friday, July 22, 2005

A very old dog!

These are photos of the very first Christmas present that my husband gave me, forty years ago. This little dog is actually a pyjama case but he is still stuffed with newspaper dated September 1964. There are Real Estate ads. for 3-bedroom solid brick homes in Sydney for less than 6000 pounds (about $14000). This little fellow did have a name but I've forgotten what it was. Gosh, I hope I don't forget my children's names when they turn 40! He sat on our bed for many years but has spent the last few years sitting on a cupboard. Today I mended the gaping hole in his head where his ear fell off, and he is quite bald from me picking him up by the head all the time.

Does anyone else have a very old gift, frivolous though it may be, with sentimental value?

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ms*robyn said...

he is so cute. I adore old toys with a history.

Maggie Ann said...

I remember pyjama case stuffed animals but never had one. Its great that you still have it. The oldest thing I can remember having/saving was the little revolving Japanese dancer from the jewelry box when I was a teen.

shellyC said...

oh and i thought you didn't have it anymore!! how great you do!!