Friday, November 18, 2005

Back Home Again.

A very enjoyable few days at the coast. Wet and very windy on Tuesday but fine on the other days. Visited the very impressive Eurobodalla Coast Botanic Gardens (3rd time this year). These gardens contain only plants native to a 200klm radius of the area and all work is carried out by volunteers. An absolute credit to all concerned.

A trip to the coast isn't complete for us without visiting two other small nurseries in the area. One of them, Trunketabella Gardens, has a rainforest garden and a variety of other gardens, including a pavillion often used for weddings. As this garden/nursery is located next to a creek and a large dam, a prerequisite is frequent dousings of insect repellant. Even then the mosquitoes will try and bite through your clothes. The Bodalla Nursery is quite small and well maintained and we always manage to find several plants that we absolutely cannot live without.

Had lunch on the beach at Tuross Heads and spent quite a while driving around this very picturesque town, and agonised about whether we should or shouldn't buy a house at the coast. Back home now so we can safely shelve that question until our next visit.

In five days how come our garden at home either grew so much, died down, blew over, or kept on flowering regardless of neglect. So much to deadhead, cut back, tidy up, pull out, replant, or just enjoy. We also enjoyed the actual drive to the coast as the countryside is the greenest we have seen it for many, many years.

Illawarra Flame Tree at Moruya. Posted by Picasa

Jacaranda at Tomakin. Posted by Picasa

Smoke Bush at Mossy Point. Posted by Picasa

Eurobodalla Coast Botanic Gardens
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Trunketabella Gardens
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Tuross Heads
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Sonia said...

Love all pictures, but "Smoke Bush at Mossy Point" is my favorite, Alice!
What a splendid voyage!
I enjoy so much the feast of gorgeous flowers and landscape!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sonia. Spectacular! I too am looking forward to our annual visit to the coast, even a large lake or river would be good, the cravings have set in....

Stuart said...

Sonia - you beat me too it and took the words right out of my mouth. What a great tree - I can see why it's called a Smoke Bush. Sounds like you had a great trip Alice and the surf looked great!!

ms*robyn said...

how on earth can you fit one more plant in your garden?
glad to hear that you had a wonderful time. I love the eurobodalla area.

jellyhead said...

Hi Alice,
I'm really glad you had a happy break away (even if you are slaving now to get your garden back on track!)
Pretty scenery in the photos, too.

Marlene Depler said...

Beautiful photographs! Thanks for taking the time to share your trip to the coast.

Takoma Gardener said...

Good work, Alice. I can envy you a little less because you share it all with us. Susan

Calidore said...

Love the photos, thanks for sharing them with us. Of course you had to buy some plants, it just isn't worth visiting a nursery unless you plan on bringing something

Sonia said...

Hi Alice, thanks for taking the time to comment.
"My ibises", don't show up anymore, till then. I hope they come back soon!
Have a nice weekend!

Suse said...

Isn't it incredible the way one's garden can do so much in five days of your absence. If you'd stayed home, it wouldn't have changed at all.

And re your question to me, yes we have already bought a new house. In the bushy outer suburbs! One acre! On a cliff! Oh dear.

I am looking forward to a whole new gardening challenge.

Rachel said...

What absolutely beautiful pictures! Sounds like a fun trip and what lovely places you visited!

Sandy said...

Looks like you had a lovely holiday. Did you manage to do any fishing?

Carol said...

Welcome home Alice! Very impressive trees and plants again!

Kerri said...

I'm browsing back in November. Fabulous pictures! Love the many memories (of watching...not participating!)