Friday, November 18, 2005

This is the Life.

Thursday morning at Moruya Heads, on the south coast of New South Wales. Now someone had to take the photo that's why I'm not in the

Waiting, waiting, waiting... Posted by Picasa

They're coming in... Posted by Picasa

...Caught one! Posted by Picasa


susan said...

Welcome back! The ocean pictures are very welcome also, it is 27 degrees here in Georgia USA at 6 a.m. Hope you had a great time, looking forward to more pictures.

Sonia said...

Glad you are back!
What a great photos!
What a fun trip you had!

abe/happy said...

Ive gotta try that one day ~ How cold was the water Alice?

Alice said...

You've GOT TO BE KIDDING, Abe/Happy! Since I can swim about 5 metres (if I'm desperate)what on earth would induce me to go out in the surf, especially before February at the earliest. I don't think I could stand up on surfboard even with six people holding it perfectly still.

Actually, I love the coast and quite enjoy being in the water when it's warm enough. I also love watching and listening to the water, and basking in the sense of freedom that it gives me.

abe/happy said...

The beaches near us are the same they look inviting but the water is FREEZING!,and its only another week till summer.