Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Boardwalk

Richard seems to have spent almost every minute of the last few weeks either lying or kneeling on the ground or hard, cold concrete whilst building brick retaining walls, tank stands and now, a boardwalk pathway.
The boardwalk is made from old palings taken from the boundary fence before the new one, which you can see in the background, was built last year. The palings have been trimmed, sanded, stained and now screwed to battens underneath. The network of battens is held in place with concrete and the spaces filled with sand.
I think it looks terrific and it's lovely to walk on, too.

White Cornus (Dogwood)

This is a native hibiscus. The flowers are the most beautiful 'royal purple' and the shrub is very hardy and rarely without flowers.


Jorja's Nanna said...

Hi Alice,
Richard has done a great job in the garden. The boardwalk is looking good. I love that native hibiscus, it is a gorgeous colour. Is it easy to find in the nurseries? I don't think that I have seen it before.
I didn't paint the Crocs but it is something that I might have done a few years back. LOL Thanks for the lovely comment on my latest baby quilt.

shellyC said...

WOW - that looks fabulous!!! Might employ him here to build one!!! Really great.

guild_rez said...

Alice..what a great boardwalk..
I have never seen a hibiscus with such a wonderful blue colour.
I hope you don't mind, if I answer your comment on my blog here:
In Canada pumpkins are used in many recipes - from soups to pie.
I love pumpkin soup:-))
After a quick search with google 2,510,000 recipes can be found on the net.
Pumpkin's are must for the Halloween and I admire the many creative carvings.
Looking at other gardens can provide many ideas. But the question I asked myself quite often,"will this work in my garden".
We will see..cheers from Canada

jellyhead said...

What a snazzy boardwalk! It really looks good.

Bloomin' lovely purple hibiscus flowers, too :)

Barbara said...

Your husband is indeed a very busy man! That is good for a woman!!!The new boardwalk will be great when finished. The blue of your hibiskus is extraordinary. I've never seen such a brilliant blue in hibiskus! (Does it get seeds???) Tell me, what climate zone are you living in? Here where I live we have zone 6/7. It is always a pleasure to read what is going on down under! Have a nice day!
Hugs, Barbara

Kerri said...

I am so impressed with your handy dandy handyman!!! What a wonderful boardwalk Richard has made. I can't wait to see what he'll do next!! He's the ultimate recycler, isn't he? And very creative too. It looks terrific.
Your Dogwood is so pretty next to the Azalea. How big will it grow?
So the hibiscus has a few blooms throughout the winter too? It really is the most beautiful shade. Your garden is looking delightful Alice! Thanks for the stroll with my morning coffee. Do you think you could add some Kookaburra's laughing and Rosella's whistling? :)

farmingfriends said...

Your boardwalk is fantastic. It is obvious lots of hard work has gone into this.
Sara from farmingfriends

Bev said...

Fabulous!! Very unique.

Calidore said...

What a fabulous idea Alice - well done Richard on all your hard work. No doubt you will both be very pleased when it's finished.

Catherine said...

It looks wonderful , He is doing a great job, Love the boardwalk!!

tracey petersen said...

It certainly does look wonderful, but I'm glad he had something soft on which to kneel!

meggie said...

That man is such a gem! The boardwalk looks wonderful. Your lovely native hibiscus is so pretty. I dont think I have seen them either!

Val said...

Oh to have one's very own boardwalk! Did you know that a boardwalk will make any space something special? It looks simply beautiful.

Sandy said...

Oh what a beautiful hibiscus. I would love to have seeds from it. I've never seen a royal purple one before.

Richard sure keeps himself busy and does such beautiful work. Who needs a professional designer when you have Richard. Do you hire him out?

Ewa said...

There was many questions above, if that amazing hibiscus does produce seeds - I am also curious about that. I didn't see such colored hibiscus before.
Your great boardwalk made me inspired, cos I am looking for inspiration now... there is a path in my garden, that I need to make and I keep asking myself how it should be. What material to use...
Your garden is very beautiful and especially interesting for somebody from northern hemisphere. How it is to make gardening down there... ;)