Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Meander

Despite the desperate lack of water there were still a few spots of colour in the garden this Monday morning.

Azalea 'Red Wing' and Cornus (Dogwood)

Hopbush and Lavatera

Rowan trees in background.


Californian poppies and Red Valerian or Centranthus (so you won't have to ask me again

Front garden

Another retaining wall completed.

Lavender and Bronze Fennel.

Fennel comes back each year and survives on large doses of neglect.

Perennial Wallflower.

Callistemon (with pink shoots), Pyrethrum (silver leaves)

White Osteospermum and Red Salvia

Osmanthus with red shoots.

Cercus (Forest Pansy), Pittosporum

Pittosporum, Photinia, Buddlea

'Mr Patience' himself.


Barbara said...

Wow, it looks absolutely great, your beautiful borders with so many (for me new!) plants. I also like the color combination...this proves how clever you chosed your plants. It was a real pleasure to visit you and see how an Australian garden looks like in Spring.
Have a wonderful week, dear Alice!

jellyhead said...

Methinks your garden looks mighty fine! - even with the drought. You must manage it really well.

Susan said...

Ah, springtime in Alice's garden! Thanks for the meander, will you do this often so we can watch the progression of spring? And how do you feel about sharing photos - I would like to use one of yours for a desktop.

Have a good week!

Catherine said...

Wow, lots of beautiful color in your garden, & beautiful pictures of it all...Nice to see,Spring in Autumn...:)
Please be sure and show us MORE as the season progresses!!
Your photo's are beautiful as is your garden!

tracey petersen said...

It must keep you very busy! It looks just beautiful.

I dearly wish that I could grow lavender, but it doesn't like the tropics with clay soil.

Krissie said...

your garden is a haven! I am a lavender lover, and that bush is so prolific, hope mine do as well! I love your title...monday meanderings...I could meander thru your garden for hours!

Kerri said...

Just a few bright spots eh Alice? Looks like quite a lot of colour and a wonderful profusion of flowers to me. You've done very well in spite of the drought.
I loved meandering through your garden on this Monday evening. Now, about that cuppa.......
Richard is always busy with a project, isn't he? What a guy!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and garden with us Alice.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden Alice. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Exuberant Color said...

Thank you for a bright shot of nature this morning. you certainly have a wonderful variety of plants. Wanda

meggie said...

Your garden is just beautiful. I love visiting!

PEA said...

Oh Alice, your flowers are absolutely beautiful!! Everything looks so lush, even with the lack of many types of flowers I'd never seen before. Wonderful! xox

Peggy said...

even without rain your garden is beautiful

Kali said...

It's amazing that your garden is so lush and vibrant with lack of water.
I love it all and am always in awe of it every time you post pictures.
Thanks for the great inspiration.

xo Kali

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Alice, what an amazing garden. You must spend many wonderful hours tending to it. Despite the drought, it looks very fresh and beautiful.
Take care, Meow

guild_rez said...

I love your front yard and hope to get some idaes for ours. There is a lot of unsused space available in front of our house. A very shady location facing north
under very large trees. Quite challenging..
cheers from Canada

Kali said...

Good Morning Alice ~ just wanted to let you know that the plant in my hanging basket on yesterdays post is a Hanging Violet.

No Rain said...

Very pretty! You have a great variety of plants. They look so lush, and just the way I like it.