Monday, July 07, 2008

Business is business, I guess

In search of knitting wool - wool, not acrylic or other synthetics - we took a trip today out to a town 50km from Canberra.

We found a shop that sold a small amount of material and some knitting yarn - both wool and acrylic. I bought some wool in the colour that I wanted plus a good pattern book.

As I would have liked a larger range to choose from, I asked the manager if there were any other shops in the town selling knitting wool. She replied, "No, there isn't. In fact it's hard to find knitting wool anywhere these days."

We accepted her response, thanked her, and walked out of the shop - and there, right beside her shop, was a large sign indicating that above this very shop is another which sells both wool and knitted garments.

Investigation revealed a large room, with smaller rooms attached, with tables of beautiful knitted jumpers, cardigans, caps, scarves, gloves, and other garments, while a smaller room had quite a variety of lovely wools in a range of colour and ply.

Richard bought a very nice jumper, and I bought wool to knit him a jumper (I hope he's not in a

The shop had been in this location for EIGHT YEARS, and there was no way that the manager of the first shop didn't know it was there. But as I said above,

Business is business, I guess!


Bobbi said...

I'm very lucky when it comes to wool yarn. I have a lady in my community who shears her own sheep and alpacas. Some yarn she keeps the natural coloring, others she uses natural plant dyes for coloring! I love going to pick out new yarns!

Kerri said...

What a cheek to deliberately lie to you like that. You should've popped back in after your visit to the shop upstairs and said, "Oh by the way, there's a shop above you that sells knitting wool. Funny you've never noticed it". It would've been a real treat to see her face :)

meggie said...

Do you think she was pulling your leg, for having been unobservant? She must have realised you would find the second shop. Either way, how odd.

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