Monday, July 07, 2008

Five days a week, 40 weeks a year, for six years....

... I attended this rural school in Victoria.
Just the building with the high roof - the other room was added several years later.

For most of those 6 years the school's total enrolment was about 25 children, in 7 grades, taught by one teacher in this one-roomed school.

About 25 years ago the school closed, was sold and turned into a private home.
About 5 different families have lived there in the past 25 years. The house is now for sale again. Do you think I should buy it, for old-time's sake?

Perhaps not!
These photos were taken on 8 June, during a recent trip to Victoria.

Original school building with second room added in mid 60s. The small room with the high window is a porch where we hung our coats and bags.

The school was surrounded by dairy farms.

The toilet block.

Building on the right may have been a woodshed, but I'm not sure what the other building is.

The 'house' seemed to be unoccupied, although sparsely furnished from what I could see through the windows (I didn't like to be too nosey). Unless one of the various owners has somehow managed to insulate the buildings, they will be pretty cold in winter, though maybe not too bad in the summer with high ceilings and fans.


Bobbi said...

Nice photos!

shellyC said...

Put in a really low offer - you might get it!! You never know!

Kerri said...

What a cute little schoolhouse! I like the color.
My first school was a pretty little stone building. It was one room, and several grades too. I took Ross to see it once.
I'm picturing you as a studious little schoolgirl, sitting at one of the desks :)
The thought of one teacher teaching all those grades boggles my mind, but they did it!
If you lived there you'd certainly enjoy the rural views!

Pear tree cottage! said...

Dear Alice, your little school brought back memories of my own "little school house" some good memories and others not so good! (smiles)

& your post about the lady in the wool shop made me smile I had a christmas shop in Kyneton and your know what it is like at christmas busy and everything that moves and makes a noise is going well the lady down the street in another store was asked by a couple if she could tell them were the Christmas tree shop was as they were out of town "she didn't know of the store!" as they worked out of the shop a customer told them were I was......funny thing that her shop woasn't around much after that......Love to you Lee-ann