Sunday, July 06, 2008

Here and there in recent times

Yesterday's sunset

Bare Silver Birch branches against a winter blue sky

Sunset over the hockey field last Sunday

"Ready for lunch, Kerri?"

Waters meet from two directions over the shingles, and the sound of the shifting stones and water is almost musical. Zoe wrote a beautiful story about this.

Illawarra Flame trees - look hard and you will also find a colourful parrot

Wattle (Acacia)

Guerilla Bay, NSW

Two forms of flight

Another form of Acacia

'Old Man' Banksias - these are the dry flower heads

Banksia flowers

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Hootin' Anni said...

Absolutely gorgeous photographs. Love the yesterday's sunset. And all your photos, tho, are great. I did! I did see the parrot.

I'm here from the Green Thumb Sunday blogroll, visiting.

My Green Thumb is posted. Scroll down on today's entry. Hope you can find time to drop in for a 'chat'.

Bobbi said...

Wow - great photos! The sunsets are beautiful!

judypatooote said...

I like your Bamksia flowers...the dry ones look like you could glue little eyes on them and add a couple of ears, and they would be mice.... I like the look of them newly bloomed.... I haven't been by in a while, so I'm going to catch up now....may not leave a comment on's the winter weather? Call me crazy but I have been watching Christmas movies.....on a lifetime channel they are showing them and calling them Jolly July......of course I'm only watching them when i'm not out side working or on my computer... Hope you are well, and I'll catch ya later... judy

meggie said...

More beautiful photos. I am kicking myself for not taking more yesterday, in the Hunter Valley.

Kerri said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Fish 'n chips for lunch, and there's still some left! Thank you so much Alice :) Is it still hot? I can almost taste it and it's making my mouth water. Wish I'd been there (seriously).
I'm very homesick after seeing all these beautiful snippets of the lovely land of Oz, especially the Wattle and Banksias.
Yep, I saw the pretty parrot :)
We've been having some beautiful sunsets lately, and I always think of you when I see them.
Thanks, Alice, for sharing the beauty.
Ross sends his love, and says, "Where's my fish 'n chips?"

Dee said...

Beautiful pictures- I really enjoyed your blog!

Hillside Garden said...

Hi Alice, wonderful photos! And I would like to eat from that delicious Chips, which I like very much!


Barbara said...

Beautiful pictures of an wonderful Australian "winter" day. The only sign of winter - for me - are the bare branches of some of the trees.... Lovely sunset too!

PS said...

I have to say it again...beautiful pics and blog.

Your on my "read list".

Can we link to each other?