Monday, March 09, 2009

Bathurst's Beautiful Begonias

Bathurst is Australia's oldest inland city with many beautiful old buildings, parks and gardens, sporting complexes, including the world famous Mt Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, as well as cultural and educational institutions.
In one of the city's lovely parks is this Begonia House, with every plant more breathtaking than the last.
This first photo was especially for the benefit of my dear blog friend, Kerri, who has a magnificent garden of her own in USA, but even she may be just a little envious of some of these gorgeous blooms.

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Kerri said...

I'm more than a little envious! What a delight it must've been to be surrounded by so many colorful blooms. I love the intricate structure of begonia blooms, don't you? That pink picotee, and the yellow ruffled one...oh my! They're all gorgeous!
Mr. Spooner did a wonderful job creating this little Eden. He must've been a brilliant gentleman :)
Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, Alice. They brightened up this very rainy morning.
I'm waving at the birthday boy :)

Frankie said...

Begonias are not my favourite flowers. They don't have a scent but on your photos they do look pretty.
BTW I've placed the YouTube video of the opera aria you sent me at the bottom of my blog page. And I've found you can buy these cd's at the ABC shop on line. I'm an addict too now!

Annie in Austin said...

Begonias look so pitiful when people try to grow them outside in Texas, and so lushly beautiful when they have their own special house in Australia - that pale yellow fringed one has won my heart, Alice!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Catherine said...

Oh how wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty! The little ruffled yellow one is stunning! They are all so beautiful It would be hard to decide!
Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I never knew to visit the begonia house when I've been to Bathurst. I love the white one with the pink rim.

Anonymous said...

Wow they are stunning!

Seeing Anew said...

I've never seen a begonia house -- what a good idea! Lovely colors. Had a chuckle over the Spooner sign. Spooner must be a big name in gardening--both Down Under and hmmmm...Up Over? If Australia is Down Under, what are we in the Northern Hemisphere??

Patsi said...

The Begonia House is great! At first I thought I was looking at roses. Wow, what a selection.

meggie said...

Thankyou for sharing these Begonias. I used to go & gaze longingly at the ones in the Botanic Gardens Hot house in Christchurch. Also the local nurseries had many lovely plants for sale, but alas, I knew I would not have them living for long!

a good yarn said...

I so enjoy visiting the Begonia House and Bathurst is a such lovely city. Beautiful photos.

Ann :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, absolutley wonderful! Thanks for sharing Alice. Have a nice weekend.