Friday, April 10, 2009

One Wet Day in Melbourne

During our recent visit to Melbourne we spent a wet day in the city. Quite a novelty for those of us who haven't seen rain for such a long time.
Waiting for a train just like this - only going in the opposite direction.

St Paul's Cathedral - years ago the steeples towered over surrounding buildings. How times have changed!

A favourite meeting spot under the famous Flinders Street Station clocks......

....... and opposite, the equally well-known Young and Jackson's Hotel.

Melbourne tram.

Flinders Street - eastward.

Flinders Street - westward.

Sara arrives.

Flinders Street Railway Station from across the Yarra River.

The Yarra River.

Princes Bridge over the Yarra.

Father and daughter strolling along South Bank.

Buildings overlooking the Yarra.

South Bank skyscraper.

The Casino.

Kings Street bridge.

The clouds are getting more ominous.

Waiting for a certain photographer to catch up.

Flinders Street Station overshadowed by office blocks.

Another view of the station from the Elizabeth Street end.

Looking for coffee......Degraves Street.

Collins Street.

I worked in this Bourke Street building in 1964, but it was then a G.J.Coles store.

Swanston Street.

Bourke Street.

Wouldn't you think that fabric stores would provide comfortable seating for worn out husbands? Then they wouldn't need to hide their 'who-dunnit' books between the pages of the pattern catalogues in order to qualify for a

Back to Flinders Street to wait for our train which never came due to storm damage on the lines. After waiting half an hour we gave up and took a tram home instead.

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Frankie said...

I'd love to visit the David Jones stores on Bourke Street, Melbourne. You won't believe this but... my fridge here in my French rural village comes from David Jones, Canberra. (I knew you wouldn't believe it!!!)

Shelly/Michelle said...

i really should get to Melbourne one day - haven't been there in so long!!

Jellyhead said...

You made Melbourne look so enticing - rainy day and all. (I'll meet you there Michelle and we'll shop!)

catsmum said...

which fabric store and what did you buy ?

Anonymous said...

Degraves Street - my favourite street in the city!! I can't wait to go back.

Kerri said...

Well, what a surprise to see you posting, Madam!
And such a lovely post it is with all these beautiful photos. I've never been to Melbourne so this is a real treat.
It looks like a lovely city with so many interesting things to see. Isn't the cathedral beautiful?
Thanks for the tour, Alice. I hope you didn't get too wet, although I doubt you'd mind much if you did, since rain is such a welcome event!
Happy Easter to you and Richard! Are you getting together with the family? Ours will be a quiet weekend spent in the garden if we don't get rained upon.

judypatooote said...

Thanks for sharing Melbourne with us....thats why I like blogging, I can visit any where in the world... My daughter visited Australia last year and said how beautiful it was.... judy