Sunday, April 12, 2009

Moonee Ponds

Whilst in Melbourne recently we stayed in a delightful Bed'n'Breakfast cottage in the suburb of Moonee Ponds, which is quite close to the city - only 20 minutes by train. I'd not stayed in one of these older suburbs before and was fascinated by the beautiful old homes. The blocks were fairly narrow but quite deep, affording sufficient room for a small garden in front and a larger one at the back.
I loved the quaintness of these homes with their little verandahs and lace trim. I could have taken endless photos instead of just these few that we passed regularly on our way to the station or the shops.

Many of them looked so solid and substanial, welcoming and homely.

The houses didn't have driveways at the front leading to a garage but backed onto a laneway with entry to garage or carport - although I fancy you would need a very small car to be able to manouvre into these garages.


Frankie said...

...dear old quaint houses of the pioneers. As for the garages, someone from Melbourne will invent folding cars one of these days.

Those photos are wonderful, Alice.

Kerri said...

You took some beautiful photos of those quaint old houses. Even though they're set so close together, the details make them individual and very charming. I love those lacy verandah trims and all the pretty colours.
It looks like everyone parks in front, which makes the street very narrow, doesn't it? The laneways are very picturesque and certainly don't look handy for this day and age of motor vehicles. What a lot of fascinating history there must be in these old places.
Thanks for taking us along on your tour, Alice. I enjoyed it immensely :)
The Easter bunnie's ears are freezing here today in the gusty north winds we're having. It's nasty outside! Not gardening weather I'm afraid :(

Jenny said...

As a stitcher and a lace maker these houses are sooooooooooooo inspiring. Thanks for showing them.

Jane said...

What a shame.....while you were about 35 mins drive away I was scanning the cover of the record which I have taped for you. I tried to write to the lass in London but got no reply.
You could have got on a train....or me in a car.
I shall get it in the mail some day soon.
I have a friend who lives in that got a house and laneway close to her but not hers.

judypatooote said...

That is quite a variety of homes...they are beautiful... I can't see me driving down the back of those houses though...yikes... I love to stay at bed and is so different than staying at a hotel or motel... I'm glad you had a good time.... judy