Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Victorian State Library & Melbourne streets

The Victorian State Library is worth a very long visit. The displays, the history, and the magnificent architecture will keep you enthralled for hours.

The roof was once copper-lined, and though it now creates a much lighter atmosphere, many preferred the patina of the original copper. I never saw the copper roof, so I can't express an opinion, except that I love this building.

I always think it a shame when these lovely old building become overshadowed by towering edifices of concrete and glass.

Some more Melbourne streetscapes.

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Kerri said...

There's some beautiful architecture in Melbourne, isn't there? I can see why you're so enamoured with the old library building. It's wonderful!
I looked at this post, and the next, weeks ago, but apparently was too tired to comment at the time, and am finally remembering to do so. Sorry to be so tardy.
Wonderful photos. Thanks for the tour.