Monday, May 30, 2011

Another trip North

First of all I must apologise to, and also thank, all of the people who have continued to check my blog throughout my 'lazy phase', and enquired as to our well-being during that time. I sincerely appreciate your care and concern.

Let me assure you that we are perfectly well and enjoying life. We've been busy in the garden, and then enjoying our new loungesuite when it's too cold to work in the We've had some glorious autumn weather interspersed with some very cold windy days, but not much rain. The frosts are here but they usually herald a fine sunny day. The day may begin at -5º but if it reaches a maximum of 15º then it actually feels quite warm (relatively) with a 20º range.

I've also spent quite a bit of time in my sewing room, primarily making things for the smaller grandchildren. It's warm and cosy down there and I can play my music and sew to my heart's content.

Earlier this month we flew to Qld again to spend time with Russ and Michelle and their families. Unfortunately I seem to forget about taking photos much of the time. On Mothers' Day we visited the Cabarlah Markets and then had lunch at a delightful outdoor area a short distance away. The rest of the week passed far too quickly but enjoyably - playing with the Evie and Liam, relaxing with Russ and Shannon, plus planting bulbs, shopping, sewing curtains, while Richard had great fun in Russ's shed, sorting tools and building a few things like planter boxes and bird houses.

At the end of the week we spent a few days with Michelle and family, which is always a pleasure, as well as spending one day in Brisbane primarily to indulge in one of my favourite pursuits in that city - travelling the Brisbane River on one of the City Cats.

Whilst I was very happy with this photo with the grandchildren, we hope it will be superseded in a few weeks when Tanya, Geoff and Arlo arrive from China. There's still space there for Arlo to complete the Grandparent/Grandchildren photo.

I must say that I really love this photo - three generations - father, son and grandson. We must do the same for the ladies of the family soon.

A few (or more) shots of Brisbane from the City Cat.

I don't know the names of all the bridges .....

..... or buildings.

But I'm sure it doesn't matter! Those who know Brisbane will recognise them.


diane b said...

It sure is a beautiful city and a warm one.

diane b said...

I forgot to say how gorgeous is the shot of you with all the grand children. Am I right in understanding that you have 2 children and families up here now?

Alice said...

That's right, Diane. Two there now and three when Tanya returns.

racheld said...

Oh, Sweetpea!!! It's so lovely to see you pop to the top of the list, after so long!

And it's doubly grand to know that you've been so happily occupied in all those wonderful adventures and that glorious weather, and those perfect blue skies, and with all the GRANDCHILDREN!!!

What a season you're having, and how enjoyably you're spending it. It's always so wonderful to hear from you, and I hope your days are this sunny and beautiful, in every sense, for always.


Alice said...

Rachel - what a beautiful comment, thank you.

Seeing Anew said...

I've been away from blogging so long, but thought I'd spend this holiday afternoon (It's Memorial Day here in the States) checking in with my old blogging buddies. So glad to find you online still, and I loved the generation photos -- you have a very handsome family! We are sweltering in 90 degree heat (32C) today...I wish we could mix our air temperatures so we could both have something more moderate!

Calidore said...

My goodness look at all those gorgeous grandchildren and Grandma and Pa aren't too bad either...vbg. Lovely to see you posting again and it's good to hear you have been out and about and enjoying yourselves.

Kerri said...

Oh, lucky you two with all those lovely grandchildren! What a sweet photo. It'll be even sweeter group with dear little Arlo included. Something wonderful to look forward to :)
I can see why you love the 3 generation photo. It's a beauty, and the tiny boy is extremely photogenic, isn't he? What a cutie.
Brisbane is unrecognizable to me after so many years. It looks like a lovely modern city.
Glad you had such fun with the family.