Tuesday, May 31, 2011

They were here for a while .....

.... before the wind blew them into every nook and cranny and they were eventually consigned to the compost heap.

Japanese Maple.

Smoke Bush and Silver Elm


Mountain Ash (Rowan Tree).


Silver Elm


Japanese Maple.


Cornus (Dogwood)

Rowan Trees.


Plectranthus (yours, Shannon)


racheld said...

Oh, Alice!! What a view of coming Fall! We've had our first too-hot-for-Spring days, and after being out in all the after-days-of-rain humidity, the sight of those Autumn trees is more refreshing than all the GREEN we have.

And liquidamber---I've used that very word, but didn't know it was an actual tree---it says everything there is about the leaves.

Hope all is well WAY over there, my friend---enjoy your cooler weather and the battening down, the settling in. And little Arlo is coming! I'll bet she'll surprise you with her growth and all the things she's learned.

I live in days of perpetual surprise.

I'm so glad you're back.


Michelle said...

OMG - you have posted!!!!! Hurrah!!! Lovely snaps from all your trips and gardening!!!

Love to you both

Kerri said...

How lovely to see you posting, dear Alice! Guess who noticed first? Yes, Ross, who reads blogs more often than me these days. I'm generally too tired at night to compute much during these busy spring days. Blogging is being overshadowed by thoughts of resting my weary bones on a soft matress :)
Your autumn leaves were spectacular before beginning the process of becoming 'gardeners' gold' on the compost heap.
The green of the silver elm is gorgeous against the smoke bush.
I'm glad you've been enjoying some glorious weather. You've certainly been a busy girl!

Ozjane said...

Lovely..we have actually had quite a long Autumn season.
Love the photos.

Meggie said...

Love these Autumn leaves.
I feel much like those leaves, just now, and I thank you for your kind words of comfort, and your message to me.
Love megxx

sonia a. mascaro said...

Wow! Gorgeous and stunning photos!

In transit said...

Great Autumn pics. maybe I can getting a cutting from 'my' plant next time you are up :)

Noella said...

Beautiful Autumn colours, Alice. Makes up for the lack of Autumn in Perth. After a long, hot Summer, we've entered a cooler period at last. The leaves just browned and fell off the trees.

Loved enjoying Autumn on your blog. Enjoy your next month.

Hillside Garden said...

Alice, your Fall colours are realy great! Autumn in Germany is coming soon, to early for me.