Monday, May 30, 2011

Well, that was a BIT more than a week, wasn't it !!!

We had a fantastic week with Russ and Shannon and the children. We worked hard painting and building picket fence, lots of weeding in the garden, cutting back of trees and shrubs, but also time to relax and enjoy their peaceful surroundings. Even before we left there we were looking forward to our next visit.

Breakfast time for Evie.

Liam wants a chat.

Russ and Shannon checking what the postman brought in the rain.

Morning tea on the front veranda.

A delightful spot for a warm afternoon.

At the end of March we spent a week at the Nepean Country Club, at Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. It was one of the best resorts we've stayed at in Australia. Of particular interest to me was the lovely indoor pool since I have been learning to swim (better late than never) - with varying degrees of success.

Swimming pool area with gymnasium on upper level.

Outdoor pool and Spa.

Indoor pool.

View from our resort unit.

On the water at Hastings.

Not the water for a novice swimmer.

Another view from the unit.

Down the boardwalk at Cape Shank. Lots of steps down means lots of steps back up too, but it was worth it.


Back home in early April for a little spot of gardening....

..... and the first of the autumn leaves.

After I selected these photos for posting and sent them to the blog I got quite annoyed at how long it was taking. However, it didn't seem so very long at all when I discovered that all 18 photos had posted at once - instead of the 4 at a time as in the past, followed by lots of time-consuming cutting and pasting.


diane b said...

You sure get around.

Frankie said...

Your photos are a pleasure to see. Brisbane looks so different nowadays.

Kerri said...

Oh, those cute little redheads! They're adorable.
The grandparents are cute too :)
The resort looks absolutely wonderful! That swimming pool looks very inviting.
Your photos of the beach and ocean are making me feel very nostalgic for a stroll along the shore and the smell of the sea. Ahhhh. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place.
Fancy having all 18 photos post at once! Was it just a fluke, or did it happen more than once? A while back I was having trouble posting any at all.
I hope you and Richard have a weekend of beautiful weather...with a good shot of rain thrown in as a bonus :)