Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Depressing Exercise

I spent a couple of hours this evening going through many photo albums and hundreds of loose photos looking for a few in particular. Along the way I glanced at some of the photos taken of the garden over the years. That was the depressing part. Gardens are supposed to improve as time goes on, not deteriorate. I had thought we were coping quite well after nearly 3 years of drought and water restrictions, but when I look at photos of the garden from a few years ago, I long to return to the days when we had plenty of colour in the garden, a wide variety of plants and, most of all, green lawns. I'm so tired of lawns which are now dead grass, or none at all, and the realisation that although plants are still alive they are not really growing, or not at the rate that they should be.

I know that everyone around here is in the same situation, and many gardens look far worse than ours, but when I see what it used to look like, and that was in the days when I had less time to spend on it, I wonder will it ever look as good again.

I realise that farmers are in a much worse situation as they depend on the weather for their very livelihood, but I would still like to be able to walk on green grass and not worry if what's left of the garden will survive until we get some rain - more than the 1mm that we received yesterday!


Kirby kid said...

You look like you have been busy! Esp. with that camera!
Just imagine how the garden will look after the rain, when you have been spending so much time on it!!

kath red said...

I know what you mean. I sometimes think my garden is doing ok, but other days it looks so grey. we have a pool hose running from our washing machine pumping the grey water onto our lawn so that at least is green