Friday, May 06, 2005

Lovely day out.

Have just returned from a lovely (almost whole) day out. Started early and went to a large Stationery shop for a couple of things. How hard it is to refrain from buying lots of things that I don't really need, especially lovely paper and pens. I love stationery shops with all of that paper just waiting to be written on. We did buy 5 reams of paper but only plain boring white. We then went to the movies to see Lavender Ladies (set in Cornwall)- Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. Next it was to the Railway Station to buy tickets for out trip to Sydney in a few weeks to see the Lion King. Then we bought Thai takeaway and drove to the lake to eat in the sunshine by the water. Heavenly! After lunch we wandered through an avenue of Scarlet Oaks, with the most spectacularly colourful leaves. Guess what. R. is now out on the deck planting all the seeds we collected off those beautiful trees. They were absolutely stunning in the sunshine.

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kath red said...

I have loved reading your garden dramas. how sad about the birch trees. i always feel a bit sad at autumn in the garden everything looks like it is dying, dead leaves all over the place. but for some reason i love winter in the garden, the dead leaves are gone and just the bare bones are left - leaving a dramatic skeleton behind.