Friday, May 27, 2005

Going to the Beach

Tomorrow we head off for a week at the South Coast. As it's turned pretty chilly in the last few days I'm not sure how much swimming will be done. Come on, let's get real - I can swim about 5 metres and the weather has to be pretty hot to entice me into the water. However, I love the coast in the winter. The rougher the water and the bigger the waves, the better I like it. Just so long as I don't have to be actually in the water.

The scenery on the South Coast is stunning, not just the ocean views but the farmland and the mountains too. Not sure how they have fared with rain (or lack of it) down there. There's a few garden centres that are always worth a visit, just have to be careful that any purchases are frost hardy.

Anyway, while we're away I hope you all get lots of rain, and I won't care if it rains for a week down there either. Looking forward to taking lots of photos - hopefully there will be a few for the blogsite when I come back.

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Calidore said...

Have a wonderful holiday and think of us all occassionally while you are breathing in that lovely sea air. As children the only time my father had holidays was in the winter - he drove a milk tanker and cows are dry then. So each year we would be packed up to the seaside or as close as we could get so I could breath in the sea air. It was supposed to be good for my lungs. Not sure if it was, but from then on I have loved the sea in all its moods. Ashley and I have talked about one day retiring to somewhere on the coast. Won't happen for years and then we will be so set in our ways we won't want to move, but the dreaming is always nice. Maybe a holiday house......