Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Beating the Frost

Whilst having breakfast out on the deck this morning I noticed that the Tree Dahlia is finally in flower. I think it's the first time the flowers have actually arrived before the frosts, an indication of how dry the ground is. Hopefully the frosts will hold off for a while longer and we can enjoy the flowers before the frosts turn these 3 metre high giants into a dark brown mush. I want to try and strike some stem cuttings this year so I will need to be poised with the secateurs (or maybe the pruners)as it will be race between me and the first heavy frost, yet I don't want to cut them down too soon and miss the lovely flowers.

The large purple Potato Vine has also burst into flower along the side fence, which is its third 'home' inside 12 months and I still don't think it's suited for that spot either. I'd like to bring it back an put it on the house wall. The Correas have masses of flowers and bees, really brightening the garden with both colour and sound, while the white nicotiana's delicious perfume sweetens the air.

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Chloe said...

Now, how come your tree dahlia can beat mine, and my jonquils can beat yours????

I usually take the cuttings after they die down, without any problems. And just bury them under a few inches of soil (flat, not standing up) and I have never had a problem. I usually go for ones about half way along the stem.

Still no frost here, either. The minimum and maximum thermometer is primed ....