Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Change of Colour

Looking for a change of colour from dry, brown countryside, I took a short stroll around the front garden, camera in hand.

Miscanthus sinensus.

Limonium (Sea Lavender)

Smoke Bush doing its 'reaching for the sky' act.

Variegated Abelia

Posted by Picasa This is what happens when you don't prop up overladen fruit tree branches - they crash to the ground. Fortunately, this one (centre) is still attached to the tree so hopefully the nectarines will ripen in due course and then we'll remove the branch.


Anonymous said...

Oh Alice, your garden is so beautiful!
It is looking so green & healthy too, in spite of the drought.
I loved seeing the nectarine tree! It reminded me of the one we had when I was a child. I still love nectarines. My brother reminded me we also had rhubarb, which was fed by a cowpat mix my grandmother used to make. We also had Fejoas, which I forgot to post about, & yet we had a whole hedge of them, & always had plenty to eat.

Calidore said...

As always the garden looks fantastic despite the hot dry weather. I picked nectarines the other day - but no where near as many as you appear to be having. Mine were very small but still stewed up ok. It certainly looks like you are going to have a bumper crop.

Anonymous said...

I've been hopelessly behind reading blogs. Loved the birthday photo of you and sending *very* belated best wishes to you!
Your garden looks beautiful as always..

Motherkitty said...

Garden -- gorgeous. Pictures -- inviting and colorful. Too bad about your nectarine tree. Hopefully it didn't do too much damage and the tree can be saved.

shellyC said...

...cannot wait for those nectarines!! i hope they are as good as those in 1984!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alice: One of my best buddies from Chesshire, England is a tree surgeon and a botanist and he would love to see this! GREAT STUFF!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice....

Like Sue, I too am behind reading blogs. I’ve promised myself to start a number of new projects this year and I’m finding that time disappears even quicker, my days simply fly by without me fitting everything in.

Thank you for the garden tour, so uplifting to see what is growing in gardens the other side of the world, whilst here, our gardens are looking so dull. Having said that, daffodils are in flower in the village and spring is beginning to stir in my garden, I already have good sight of the peonies breaking through the earth. Marion

Anonymous said...

Alice, I wrote you a comment on your last week's GTS post but apparently, it disappeared somewhere in the www... (I still struggle a bid with the new blogger version, it might have been my fault)

Well, as Marion said, while our gardens here in Europe are taking their winter break, I enjoyed your tour very much! Thanks for sharing your photos!

Stuart said...

Amazing photos Alice considering your water restrictions over there.

Great problem to have with your nectarine tree - lol ;)

Zoey said...

Hi Alice,
Your garden looks just as beautiful this year as last.

How neat to have a nectarine tree so loaded with fruit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice..
Great to see some greenery,it's very dry here as it is in many places.Your garden is beautiful,
talk again soon.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures.....that tree is loaded....are they apples or peaches? Brown or not, it's still beautiful there.....

Kerri said...

I tried to post this comment yesterday but blogger was undergoing maintenance....so I'm back to try again!
I'm always so happy to see pictures of your beautiful gardens Alice. Thank you! They're looking full and pretty in spite of the dryness.
I LOVE nectrines! We have to be lucky to get good sweet ones from the stores in summer in this part of the country. Gosh that tree is really laden. Give me a call when they're ripe because it looks like you'll need help eating them :) (that's if Shelly doesn't steal them all). First apricots, and now nectrines....I'm suffering a bit of envy here!
Winter has finally arrived in NY today and we have a nice blanket of snow!
I'll bet you're keeping warm there :)

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks wonderful, and you have so much place to plant!


Anonymous said...

Refreshing photos for northern hemisphere winter weary eyes!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden, Alice. You are lucky to have so many wonderful plants. Is Canberra on water restrictions ?? We have just got Stage 3, and apparently Geelong is on Stage 4 (as are many areas of Victoria).
Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

oh Alice - look at that poor nectarine tree - do you ever make jam from the fruit?
Sussex is a gorgeous place, we have been going there for a few years now and it hasn't lost its charm.
what mulch are you using on your garden?
ps- thanks for visiting - I was trying to 'tidy up' my favourites and accidently deleted them all . so I am in the middle of finding them all again :(

Val said...

Miscanthus sinensus.

MUST get those once the drought's over. The grasses we already have in the garden are looking splendid.