Friday, January 05, 2007

Jugiong, NSW.

Jugiong is a tiny town of about 200 people, situated approx. 350klm southwest of Sydney, on the Hume Highway. In the past, one of Jugiong's claims to 'fame' was that, as it is situated at the bottom of a steep hill, the approach from the south side became a very lucrative speed trap since it was almost impossible to maintain the speed limit on that steep hill. However, the highway now bypasses the town and we had to drive off the main road in order to reach the lookout above the town from which these photos were taken.

Poplar trees at the approach to the town from the north.

Willows, Eucalypts, and possibly a few other decidious trees growing along the Murrumbidgee River.

Vineyards on the hill but I'm not sure what the crop is on the flat, possibly lucerne.

Murrumbidgee River on the right in the distance. Tall thin trees are Poplars.

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Some readers have been surprised that there is so much greenery, but anything that is remotely green contrasts markedly with the extreme 'whiteness' of the landscape. The brighter green trees are decidious trees which are able to cope with short periods of dryness as they only have to produce flowers/seeds/leaves over a period of a few months and then remain dormant over the winter. The other trees are mostly eucalypts which are evergreen, although they continually shed and grow new leaves throughout the year. Whilst these trees are very hardy, and can even regenerate after bushfires, prolonged drought takes its toll, as evidenced by the hundreds of mature trees which we saw dying just on the 600klm trip to Melbourne. How many thousands/millions of trees are dying across the country?


Kerri said...

I'm surprised to so much green. I can understand the trees along the river but you wouldn't think those big tall trees could survive with so little water. What kind of tree are they Alice (in the first picture)?
I see what you mean about the contrasts. These are beautiful pictures. I especially love number 5.
You must've had a hard time choosing just 8 pictures :)
Thanks for sharing them the "land of rugged mountain ranges and sunburnt plains".

Kerri said...

P.S. Can you cross out "them" in the last sentence please? :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful country side.....

Val said...

Wonderful photos, I agree with kerri.

I read the word "Murrumbidgee" and I was back in my childhood, reading the lovely Silver Brumby series. Just the sound of the word in my head did it. I wonder if they will be as evocative if I re-read them?

HORIZON said...

Love the names, the photos, the space, perhaps not the speed trap. Mostly l like the photo of you below Alice.
Happy Birthday!!!!
hugs xx

Anonymous said...

I love Jugiong - it was a town that we use to stop at when I went to Melbourne with my dad - he was an interstate truck driver and back in those days - the trip to Victoria took a long time!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday (for some reason, yahoo did not remind me and I had it in my head that it was the 8th!)
I am off to the beach today - to Sussex Inlet !

Anonymous said...

Those photos are a good indication to the state of the land.
Arent they wonderful?

When we first moved over here to live I used to feel the sky was sooo much 'bigger' than it had seemed in NZ. Where, of course you are never far from a coast.

Anonymous said...

Alice your photos are great I just put a little lot of my very poor nature photos on my blog and mentioned the trees to see you also here have concerns about our beautiful gums.

I must tell you we live in the town of Malmsbury which you already know and when I tell people were we live they always say O! were that big hill is through the town and were the policeman sits at the bottom waiting! yep they are right about that. in two years we will be bypassed in two years yippee!!! they are working on it now.

You truly know how to take lovely photos of the outdoors!
best wishes Lee-ann

Nicole said...

Happy belated birthday sweetpea. I am so very pleased that you are having a lovely time. Your photos are stunning... as usual. I could look at photographs of hills and trees forever.... they always have their own personalities and look like they could spin a yarn or two.... don't you think?

Lots of love, Nicole xox.

Wendy A said...

Looks much like tassie. We are having a very dry year however there are patches of green. I am suprised there is so much green in your parts.
Your pics are lovely as usual.

Anonymous said...

Population 200? A neat size for a town, I wonder what they do for a living? (now that the speed trap is gone!) We enjoy accompanying you on your travels, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful view in your landscape area, Alice!


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the Australian landscape? Even when it's going through the worst drought in recent history it still looks beautiful. I love these photos, they remind me of when I lived in the country as a child.

I wish it would rain, and rain and rain, so much so that the whole country would sigh in relief. We've had a good lot of rain this past week, and I hope it continues, but of course they aren't predicting enough to reassure me that my garden will survive the rest of the summer. I've already lost a good number of plants to the dryness, and many more look decidedly ill. I'm crossing my fingers and toes for more rain!

Annie in Austin said...

We're losing established native trees here in Central Texas, too. Some arborists say it's not just the drought, which many native species can handle, but that our low temperatures are edging upward, with nights above 85ºF all summer. The trees never get relief, and become stressed.

Alice, do you think this is a factor in Australia's loss of mature trees?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

I lived in Jugiong for many years - my parents owned the local motel. The crop is probably lucerne, though the area looks like it is close to the asparagus fields, but the asparagus season may already have finished when you were there.

As for what people do for a living in Jugiong - obviously a lot of farming! Either that, or they commute to the surrounding towns. I always figured it was the middle of nowhere, but half an hour from everywhere.

Andre said...

Hi, Andre from Germany here.
8 weeks ago, I was in Jugiong, on the way from Canberra to Melbourne.
I made some great photos, but later I lost the card on my trip (stupid german .-)Is there someone with a cam near the town ? I need a special shoot. Just one, Andre from the cold .