Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Welcoming Waves

Who are we to ignore the waves of the south coast calling so urgently? We can resist no longer and will head off tomorrow for a few days. I hope the good weather experienced by Michelle and family last week will hold out for us too. On the other hand, we'll be just as happy if it rains, and so will a lot of other people.

I hope you all have a lovely week, too.

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Kerri said...

To do list:
Please breathe in the salt air for me.
Enjoy the feel of sand between your toes (don't burn your feet).
Listen to the sounds of the waves gentle breaking on the shore and the birds calling.
See if you can find any of those little pink cactusy-type flowers growing in the sand at the top of the beach.
Check out the rock pools.
Go for a swim in the cool azure ocean water.
Find some neat shells and save a bit of sand for me!
And most of all, have an absolutely relaxing and wonderful time.
I'll miss you xox

Kerri said...

Good grief, I almost forgot the most important thing!
Eat some fish and chips from your favourite F&C shop!!!
And next time, please take me with you!
(don't make me beg)!!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Wow wow wow! (Does it echoooo in here? *lol*)

Please don't show these kind of pictures when it's SNOWING here in Sweden... It's like torture ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lucky You!
Enjoy & have a wonderful relaxing time of it.
And yes, the beach is ok, even in the rain!

genie said...

I agree with Mrs. Lifecruiser...this photo is a little bit of a serious tease when I'm sitting here, landlocked and surrounded by snow in Iowa! Ah...what I wouldn't give for a warm sandy beach right about now...

:-) Genie

Anonymous said...

I love the south coast! have a fun time - hope you took a little bucket to collect some sea shells :)

jellyhead said...

Have a blissful time, Alice. I love Kerri's suggestions - I think she is very wise!

For a moment there I was wondering who Michelle was (ah, Shelly! DUH!).

Hope it's a happy, splashy, snappy (hint hint - you know you take great photos!) week :)

Tricia said...

Oh my gosh that's so beautiful! It's cold and snowing here too and I'd much rather be in a lovely spot like that right now :)

Was this your Green Thumb Post? I wasn't sure since it's not marked as such. I'm just going through the list seeing who's been playing and who hasn't. If people haven't played for a long while I might remove them. I know you've been playing don't worry. I'm just wondering if this was a GTS post or not (landscapes and lovely scenes like this are of course great for GTS posts). :)

roybe said...

The sea looks a beautiful colour Alice.
We are really spoilt with our lovely beaches aren't we. Looking at that lovely image, it made me wonder just how much length in kilometres we have around Ausralia in beaches.

Wendy A said...

Sounds like a lovely idea. Enjoy!

Val said...

Have a lovely time, Alice. Beaches DO look wonderful with clouds and rain too, so rejoice with the rest of us if it does rain.

Meanwhile, Melbourne woke up to the last of the overnight rain yesterday and went on to have a beautiful blue sky day with cooler temperatures. Today looks much the same, but I'm hoping for more overnight rain tonight.

If you do get clear skies, I hope you're remembering to look for the meteor at sunset.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice, your photo is wonderful.
I hope, you get rain soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Alice, hope your trip to the coast was wonderful. Where did you go ... the South Coast to me is Victoria !?!?!
Hope the weather was glorious.
Take care, Meow

slap me happy said...

that looks breath taking so peaceful to , catching up slowly here but good to see your still snapping away

Andrea said...

Wow, that looks beautiful and serene. Wish I were there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice, I have changed my blog, I had a lot of problems.


Kerri said...

Hey, it looks like you've gone and done it! I tried to visit earlier but got a message that this blog was switching over.
So now you'll have to tell me all about it. How did it go...easy?
I hope you had a wonderful time at the coast. I'm looking forward to some wonderful photos!!! You've been missed. xox

Alice said...

Kerri - yes, I thought I'd have another go this morning at changing over (I'd tried many times over recent months but was told the "I couldn't make the change yet"). It was no trouble at all, although it does say that it will take one or two minutes to change everything over, but I think it took about 90 minutes to change mine. Must be all those photos. Anyway, now I have to learn to use it. I guess it will all become second nature before long.

DellaB said...

Well done, Alice, on making the change... glad it's gone well ...

I can never get enough of waves and water and beautiful beach scenes.. even though I live just a walk away (that's, like - a 2 minute walk)...

thanks for this one