Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brisbane Bridges

We spent much of Good Friday at Southbank on the Brisbane River. An absolute MUST for me when visiting Brisbane is a ride on a City Cat - one of the many catermarans that carry tourists and workers alike up and down the river. I wouldn't go on one if it was raining as it would be a total waste of time to sit inside - I really have to sit/stand outside and feel the wind in my hair and the spray on my face. Utter bliss!

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The Gateway Bridge. This photo was taken not far from the hockey centre. The City Cat doesn't go this far down the river.

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HORIZON said...

Definately a day of bridges-wow- l had no idea there were so many in Brisbane. My sis has talked about southbank much- the kids love it there.
Thanks for this insight Alice.
Sounds like you're having a good time touring around at he moment.
l have spent most of my morning so far with tweezers and Sam-lol. He got to the cactus and l need better eyesight!
Bests xx

Kerri said...

I'm really enjoying the photos of Brisbane. These bridges pictures are fabulous. Thanks for thinking of us and taking lots of photos to share Alice :)