Wednesday, April 25, 2007

'Wild Horse Lookout'

On the drive from Noosa back to Brisbane we stopped and walked (with many stops and lots of puffing on my part) to the top of Wild Horse Lookout. I'm sure the 700 metre track was almost perpendicular .... lol, but the view was well worth the effort. (Click to enlarge.)
Glasshouse Mountains
The Bruce Highway south to Brisbane surrounded by
thousands of hectares of pine plantations.

More views of the Glasshouse Mountains.

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jellyhead said...

Those craggy peaks are great, aren't they? - almost sci-fi-looking.

Hope you're enjoying Anzac Day :)

Val said...

I agree with Jelly - they're a bit spooky looking, but definitely worth seeing.

susan said...

I have been enjoying your travel pictures, the scenery is awesome! Congrats on climbing that mountain, it was worth it I am sure. Glad you got to see your daughter again and watch her play. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures.

Val said...

Wow, awesome (as they say in the States) Presumably the mountains are the remnants of volcanoes to look like that. Quite stunning how they rise up out seemingly flat country. And the skies are amazing too.

Kerri said...

They're truly amazing mountains Alice, and your photos are gorgeous. You're a trooper to climb that steep track, but anything for a good photo, right? I'm glad you did :)
I've wondered why they're called the Glasshouse Mountains. Do you know?
It's been raining here today. I wish I could ship it over to you. They're predicting rain for a week! Grrr.

meggie said...

Wonderful photographs- as usual!
Thankyou Frances.

LindaD said...

Thanks so much for 'taking us along' on your trips. I've loved this latest journey. You see beauty every direction you turn your camera's eye.

Sandy said...

Are those mountains perhaps old volcanos?