Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hockey and Noosa

The reason for going to Brisbane was to watch the Australian Hockey League Finals Week of matches. Unfortunately, the ACT team didn't doing as well as they would have liked, finishing fifth out of eight teams.


Warming up prior to the game

I actually took more photos of aeroplanes over the field than I did of the hockey. The fields were right under the flight path to Brisbane Airport, and being an aeroplane 'junkie', I couldn't resist taking the odd photo during the games.

The road to Noosa Heads, via Maleny, Montville and the Glasshouse Mountains.

Brisbane in the distance on the right.

The beach quite close to where my brother lives.

Views of Noosa.

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Surrounding countryside.

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Kerri said...

Good Morning Alice! More wonderful photos! Nice one of Sara. Sorry the team didn't do as well as they wanted, but glad you were there to show your suppport.
I had no idea you were an aeroplane junkie! You would've loved seeing the Blue Angels with us 2 summers ago.
How lovely it must've been to see those beautiful greens! The views of Noosa are truly spectacular. What a gorgeous place.
I want to walk along that beach!! Thanks for sharing.

Val said...

I too didn't know that about you, Alice. My dad was a commercial pilot, my brother has a private pilot's licence and owns his own two-seater, and I just get a kick out of looking at, being around, being in planes. Although the events of the last few years has gone a long way to souring that adventure.

Lazing around those beaches would be a nice alternative...

meggie said...

As we used to say, "You Lucky Dog!"
Meant in the nicest possible way of course.
I LOVE flying, & those beaches look sooo lovely & inviting. Thanks for sharing all the lovely pics.
I hope your garden can recover?

Did you find yourself questioning your priorities? That happens to me all the time....

HORIZON said...

So let me get this right.. l’ve been slaving out on the new driveway, most days covered in dust with hands now like sandpaper and you’ve been… on holiday!!! Lol
Fantastic place where your brother lives, Noosa Heads- l’d love to go there- perhaps when l go out to visit with my sister/Brisbane. You really took a lot of photographs Alice- but am glad you did as l get to holiday right along with you. ;) Loved the motel at Yamba- what a place to stop and relax. The photos of the lighthouse, marina and beaches are all terrific and so empty- l could sit on those beaches for hours and just listen to the water lapping. You always have such a good eye for photography Alice- even if it is to the sky during your daughter’s hockey match-lol. Sara looks fit- just to get to the Hockey league finals- brilliant and good for her! Please don’t ask me to run to the end of the street, hmm.
Bests and hugs
I just know you’re going to find something to do in that garden of yours. xx

LindaD said...

Your pictures are so sharp up close and so finely detailed even in the distance. What type of camera are you using?