Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Farewell Townsville from Castle Hill

Castle Hill and Mt Stuart dominate the skyline around Townsville, towering over the city. Prior to heading to the airport to begin our journey home, Tanya kindly drove us (she didn't make us walk) to the top of Castle Hill for a panoramic view of this lovely city.
1. Magnetic Island.

2. Over the city and the wharf.

3. Harbour views.


5. Looking north towards Thuringowa.

6. Castle Hill.

7. Side view gives an indication of how overwhelming this hill is.

8. Queens Gardens.

9. City towards the south-west (I think).

10. And again ..

11. Almost in the clouds!

12. "Do you really have to take my photo?"

13. Townsville Airport.

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Nicole said...

If I was paying more attention to you Alice, I would have realised that you were showing us photo's from your holiday, instead of where you live. Many apologies my dear friend.

The views are gorgeous from the hill. It sure does stick right out there..... but still very beautiful.

Thankyou for sharing your fabulous photographs with us Alice.

Val said...

That Castle Hill certainly does make its presence known!

meggie said...

Yhank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos with us.

Kerri said...

Those views are truly spectacular. Townsville is a lovely city. That sure is quite a hill. Must be a rock climber's dream!
Who's that good-looking couple? :)
I'm thinking Tanya might've been tired of posing at that point :) She was a good sport.
I'm glad you were able to see so many beautiful places.
We've been busy bees here!!

Meow said...

Townsville sure is a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing photos.
Take care, Meow

Lee-ann said...

Hello Alice I can see by the look pon your face you do not want to come home and with photos like these I do not blame you!! ((smiles)) what a wonderful holiday you have had and what wonderful memories you have made. I do hope your beautiful garden got some rain while you have been away.

always! Lee-ann

Lee-ann said...


I always make mistakes on my comments ((blush))I am sorry you all must think I am a ninni! yes ninni not nanni! ((smiles))

I think faster then my hands can type that is for sure. and that is my excuse believe it or not! lol lol

susan said...

Hi Alice! It looks like you had a grand trip. The photos are wonderful, and so professional-looking! I know you enjoyed the time with family and I hope you made it home safe and sound.

Michael Manning said...

I love the Harbor view.

slap me happy said...

Hi Alice, good to see your still snapping away, that was one steep hill, don't think I could get up there if I tried at the moment. Hard enough doing my shoe laces lol

gledwood said...

Clouds? In Australia? I didn't know such days existed ..!!