Thursday, May 03, 2007

This and That, Here and There, in North Queensland

When I took these photos I KNEW I was going to remember where they were taken, BUT of course I DON'T. Suffice to say they were all taken in the vicinity of the Atherton Tablelands.
(Dear Tanya has now come to the rescue by identifying these locations a little more accurately)
1. 'The Long and Winding Road ...'
(Between Mt Hypipamee and Malanda.)

2. "Come on, stir yourselves. It's milking time."

(Near Mittaa Mittaa Falls)

3. This photo and the first one were taken on the road to a famous Dairy, specialising in cheeses and yoghurts. At least, I'm told that that is the case - we were there too early and didn't want to wait 30 minutes until it opened.

(See #1)

4. Bananas

(Near Lake Eacham, where we stayed)

5. "The rest of my ostrich body is lying down in the mud, and I'm darned if I'm going to stand up just to have my photo taken by another 'old bird'."

(See #4)

6. Turtles

(TURTLES at Malanda) - thank you for the correction.

7. (Dinner Falls, Mt Hypipamee National Park)

8. The Chauffeur and her Dad.

(See #7)

9. Rapidly 'disappearing' countryside ahead of the next rain squall.

(Maybe near Mungalli Creek [the dairy]) I actually think #1&3 were near Mungalli Creek.)

10. (See above)

11. (See above)

12. Banana plantation

(Near Mungalli Creek)

13. Tea plantation

(Nucifora Tea Plantation, near Mungalli Creek)

Thank you, Tanya. It's always better to get information from a 'local', even if that local is a couple of hundred klm away.
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Val said...

What absolutely delightful countryside! I love those wiggly interocked ridges of hills. So green. And a nice photo of the chauffeur!

Val said...

Two Vals in a row. How can you tell which is which - no photos?

All I can say is: all that GREEN!

Val said...

Ah, the photos come up in the pop up window...

meggie said...

I always enjoy your photos, even if you forgot their exact location. How lovely & green it all looks.

Kerri said...

I'm drinking in the incredible beauty Alice. It's wonderfully green there, and those cows look healthy and content. Your photos are breathtaking. You certainly saw some lovely sights on your journey.
Great pic of the chauffeur and her dad :)

Rebecca said...

Better than a travel book.....that is for sure! A real feast for the eyes!

Miss Eagle said...

As a North Queenslander now living in Melbourne, it looks to me like you have travelled up the Gillies Hwy from Innisfail through Millaa Millaa to Malanda where the dairy is. There have been lots of changes in the dairy industry but Malanda Milk used to make a lovely cheese called Millaa Millaa Mild. Don't know that you can get it any more. All those bananas (if I've got my geography right) are between Innisfail and Millaa Millaa. The Atherton Tableland is a beautiful place but don't stand still in Millaa Millaa or mildew might grow on you!

Tanya said...

#1 - between My Hypipamee and Malanda
#2 - near Millaa Millaa falls
#3 - see #1
#4 - near Lake Eacham
#5 - see #4
#6 - TURTLES at Malanda
#7 - Dinner Falls, Mt Hypipamee National Park
#8 - see #7
#9 - could be anywhere - may be near Mungalli Creek (the dairy)
#10 - see #9
#11 - see #10
#12 - near Mungalli Creek
#13 - Nucifora tea plantation - near Mungalli Creek

Great pics.

jellyhead said...

Thanks for the virtual tour of North Queensland, Alice!

As always, your photos are stunning.

Meow said...

North Queensland is wonderful.
Great photos.
Take care, Meow

Sandy said...

I want to live with Tanya! The countryside is so beautiful there with many interesting sites to visit.