Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hunter Valley Gardens

In the heart of the Hunter Valley wine growing area of New South Wales is a newly established garden. The garden stretches over 25 hectares and has 12 themed garden rooms, each one reflecting a different style which has been influenced by gardens from around the world. The design vision comes from Bill Roche and his family who form the Australian-owned company Roche Group and the garden has been constructed within the last decade.

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Anonymous said...

I have also experienced Hunter Valley Gardens in Pokolbin, NSW Australia and it is the most impressive Garden I have ever seen - so beautiful - if people are interested in Gardens you simply must make the journey to see this one it is truly inspiring and amazing that we have a world class garden in Australia - the Childrens storybook garden is so enchanting!

Val said...

Well, that certainly is a large undertaking, although most of it not my cup of tea. But I know you can guess which sections appeal to me, Alice!

jellyhead said...

Gosh blogging can be so informative - I had never heard of these gardens. Thanks Alice for the photo tour - your pictures are gorgeous as always.

Kerri said...

That sounds truly delightful, but alas Alice, your beautiful pictures have all disappeared. I'm so sorry to miss them and hope you'll be able to reload them.
I've been amazed that all your others have stayed. It seems that Blogger is done being benign.
Frustrating, to put it mildly!

meggie said...

Those gardens are wonderful work. They are within our reach to visit too. Perhaps the balm I need.

Kerri said...

I can see the pics now! They're truly spectacular Alice. What a marvelous job you've done framing them.
Those gardens are breathtaking. Wish we could've been there with you and Richard.
What a lot of work it must be to keep them so beautifully.
Sorry I scared you. How strange that I couldn't see the pics this morning. The only thing showing was the text and the 4 Picasa icons. No boxes with x's or anything! Weird.

Anonymous said...

The thing that I found so amazing about those gardens is that they won the Best Tourist Attraction in NSW for the last 3 years but still seem like one of Australia's Best kept secrets - Garden lovers need to visit and spread the word! They are the most awe inspiring gardens I have ever seen - and would appeal to people who are even more interested in landscaping and design.

Stuart said...

What an amazing garden! 25 hectares? That's huge and has already been added to my "To See" list. Did you get to get to see all 12 themed rooms? And, please forgive my ignorance Fran, what were the themes?

I picked up the parterre, and I'm guessing the last pic was of a Japanese theme but what were the other 10?

Alice said...

Hi Stuart - I think we did see all of the 'themed rooms' (much as I hate that terminology) but we were only able to spend about 4 hours there, including lunch, as we had to return to Canberra that day.

The 12 theme gardens are:

The Rose Garden
The Italian Grotto
Oriental Garden
Lakes Walk
Border Garden
Storybook Garden
The Avenue
The Orchard
Chinese Garden
Indian Mosaic Tea Garden
Formal Garden
Sunken Garden.

Meow said...

Alice, what beautiful gardens. I can imagine how much time one could spend there, and still not see it all.
Thanks for sharing.
Take care, Meow

LindaD said...

Your pictures are amazing - They are huge in my computer and as I scroll, I can almost 'walk' along the borders.. I love the one with the pagoda with the flowers in the foreground framing the view. .Beautiful

captain lifecruiser said...

Oh, that is one amazingly gorgeous garden! Waterfalls too! *whistles*

Really great captured, it felt like I was walking there :-)

...a nice Sunday strolling...

Kati said...

Love the water features and the view of the mountains. This is a garden I would love to visit!

ina said...

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gledwood said...

OK is THIS your back garden then?
It does look a bit like the one where I grew up... just a bit pokier and smaller ...! (& if you believe that you'll believe anything...!!!)