Friday, May 04, 2007

The Strand, Townsville

The Strand, along the waterfront in Townville, is a credit to town planners and the City Council - see The Strand This 2.2klm stretch of lawns, gardens, pathways, restaurants, pools and fun activities for the whole family is a year-round delight for the locals and visitors alike.
1. Water jets and sprays on a flat non-slip surface create a great place to cool off in safety.

2. One of several 'little challenges' for athletically minded youngsters.

3. View of Castle Hill.

4. For several months each year swimming in the sea along the Qld coast (and much of northern Australia) is dangerous due to the presence of a variety of jellyfish, several of which may be lethal. The white rectangle below supports a 'stinger net', designed to keep out the majority of these hazards. However, some will still slip through the netting or get washed over the top in heavy seas, so the presence of several fully protected pools makes swimming much more pleasurable. [I can already hear bloggers saying, "What, Jellyfish AND spiders and snakes in Australia?]

5. One of several beautiful enclosed pools.

6. View down The Strand from Kissing Point.

7. See #5

8. Plenty of grass for sunbaking (if you are that way inclined) without the irritation of sand.

9. See#8

10. Well maintained play equipment for children.

11. Even play areas for 'bigger children' - adults.

12. Fun and exercise for all.

(Tanya - please feel free to make corrections where necessary. After all, this is your home town I'm writing about.)


Sylvana said...

Thanks, I feel so relaxed now.

Miss Eagle said...

What I find remarkable about The Strand is that people vote for it with their feet. There are people walking there morning, noon and night. Families feasting and picnic-ing. I think the view across to Magnetic Island is one of the best seascapes in the whole country.

Blessings and bliss

Tanya said...

No corrections needed. You done good.

Rebecca said...

We have a "Castle Hill" right behind our house in Folkestone as well...but no "kissing point" - at least not one that I have ever been taken to!

Kerri said...

I'd love to visit this place (especially with you, Richard and Tanya). How beautiful it is. They've done a wonderful job making it "family friendly". Your pictures are brilliant, as usual Alice! Clever girl.
I'm smelling that ocean, and feeling the breeze...mmmmm. Think I'll go for a swim (I wish).
Before I was married I went with a boy who lived in Kissing Point Rd., Turramurra :)

Gwen said...

Hi Alice.
Great shots they brought back some nice memories, even though it's been 17yrs since i was there.

meggie said...

Itis beautiful, & looks so well maintained.
Thankyou once again for sharing the beauty of it all.

Michael Manning said...

A beautiful area! Thanks for sharing!!

Sandy said...

Tanya lives in such a beautiful town. Thanks for taking us along on your journey.