Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bright to Mt Buffalo

On Friday morning we drove from the beautiful little town of Bright in northern Victoria to Mt Buffalo, one of the highest mountains in that State at some 1333m above sea level.
Cattle grazing on the outskirts of Bright, surrounded by pine covered hills.

Mt Buffalo has seen many summer bushfires but nature has a wonderful way of regenerating the natural bushland. New eucalyptus shoots with brilliant red tips in the sunlight sprout from the base of the old trunk.

The timber thins out above the snow line.

Among the rocks at the summit.

Huge boulders sit precariously on the edge.

A glimpse of the valley below.

More mountain ranges in the smokey distance including Victoria's highest peak, Mt Bogong (1986m) at right of photo.

Overlooking the Kiewa Valley - a very fertile agricultural area.

A few rock climbers were scaling these rocks when we were there.

Burned out, but not dead.

Bracken fern alive and well.

Looking back towards the top of the mountain.

On top of Mt Buffalo is a beautiful chalet which was damaged in last summer's bushfires and has been closed ever since. In my next posting I will show photos of this chalet and the lovely gardens.


Michael Manning said...

I need to learn how to post my photos as you've done so nicely here. Each one was my favorite!

shellyC said...

Fabulous photos!!!
I hope you brought at least one of those bolders home for your garden!!

Kerri said...

What a bird's eye view it is from up on that mountain! These are wonderful photos of the countryside Alice. It's so interesting to see parts of the country that I never visited while living over there.
Nice to see the cows and that beautiful valley. It all looks so green. Amazing how quickly the growth regenerates, isn't it?
Fabulous...thanks for the tour!

Noella said...

More beautiful photos. I once bushwalked and slept overnight on Mt Bogong in my youth, as part of a group of bushwalkers during a course with the National Fitness Council. We froze!!!