Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Washed and Watered

There's nothing like a good shower of rain or two, or even a thunderstorm, to freshen the most jaded garden. Even the weeds take on new life

Even the galahs and pigeon looked happy.

(...and even the little terracotta bird on the edge of the feeder is washed and

What joyful music was the sound of water filling both tanks, which are now flowing over.

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Barbara said...

Your garden looks so fresh and lush, Alice! Did you have such a lot of rain? I'd like to change our season with yours ;-) !! Here definitely winter is coming!
Have a good time!

Joni said...

Alice your garden is beautiful. What is that other little bird there?

Sara said...

Your garden is simply gorgeous, especially that second shot with the brick wall and walkway, and all those flowers glowing in the sunshine.

LindaD said...

You have such 'happy gardens' - just looking at the pictures makes you feel jwabysuoy 'full'..

LindaD said...

LOL !!! I don't know what happened, but when it posted the comment it put the verification letters in the middle of the word "joy" --
Beautiful, beautiful!!!

meggie said...

So glad you got some rain!! Your garden certainly looks lovely.
Our dandelions have just adored it all!! LOL.

Kerri said...

Looking at these gorgeous pictures of your garden it's hard to believe you're suffering from a drought. It all looks so lush and beautiful!
How wonderful to have enough rain to overflow the tanks!!!
Those pink and grey galahs make me homesick :) I don't remember seeing crested pigeons over there.
I notice the Centranthus is blooming madly :)
The colors by the boardwalk are such a pretty combination. Is that Swiss Chard I see (Silverbeet maybe)? Do you eat it or just use it as an ornamental? Looks pretty.
Ross says to tell Richard he's done a great job with the gardens. Yes, I'll smack him for you :)
I thought Linda was using an African word until I read her second comment LOL

rusty in miami said...

Beautiful garden, I love your water tanks, we are having problem with the drought in Florida is time get a couple for my garden

Catherine said...

Very beautiful,and beautiful pictures,you are right the rain does make everything look fresh and renewed! ~But I don't think the raind deserves all the credit for that beautiful garden, it is layed out beautifully, and so full & lush,~Just gorgeous!! And even
your little terra cotta bird look all fresh~And has lot's of pretty company~nice captures!!
Enjoy the weekend!

Sylvana said...

These rain barrels are lovely added architecture to an already beautiful garden.

Frankie said...

I loved the photo of the gallahs, the pigeon and the terracotta bird that I downloaded it... Hoping you don't mind, I'll use it as desktop wallpaper!