Monday, November 05, 2007

Rose, Ella and Son of Crim...

.... ARE getting prettier, even as their house begins to look like the bottom of a

It's a bit difficult to wedge the camera under the lid of the birdhouse, hence the lopsided photos.
They are becoming quite noisy too. One of them squawked just as I withdrew the camera and I got such a fright I nearly fell out of the tree!


jellyhead said...

You've been painting those birds by hand, haven't you?! The colours are so coming out to bright they almost look fake.

Now *please* don't fall out of the tree dear Alice!!!

Kerri said...

Careful Alice!
That middle one is smiling at you :)
They really are getting cute and colorful. Doesn't take long, does it? Nature is amazing.
Perhaps you should have Richard stand at the base of the ladder so that he can catch you if you fall :)

Frankie said...

be bold... that's right! good on you! climbing up trees to take photos of newborn rosellas, that's a kick! they do look cute as if they had little hand knitted jumpers on... by the way did you get that chain quiz back?

verobirdie said...

Like Kerri I think the middle one is smiling !
I can't believe how fast the feathers have grown.
Be careful the next time you open the lid, you may have some surprise!

Miss Eagle said...

Love the hint of colour in their wings. Marvellous photo, Alice. Have done a post linking to your post at The Trad Pad.

Blessing and bliss

Joni said...

Oh just a tease of what is to come by the looks of those feathers. I still think they are adorable. I bet they wander just what the heck you are doing!

Val said...

What fascinating photos, Alice. I'll feature this post in my Shared Items section.

Catherine said...

I think they are adorable!! Wild how there are bits of color,
and very good picture's!

Noella said...

These are so beautiful, Alice. And I see that the cat thinks so too, as she's left a comment (above)!

Seriously, I love the way you will climb a ladder and peek in! What a reward! Thanks for sharing the pics with us all.

meggie said...

Sorry, I had a little giggle when you said you almost fell!
But they are changing, & really, I do love seeing the progress, so please dont fall!

Denis Wilson said...

Well done. Many people put "nest boxes" in their gardens, but often the birds ignore them.
It s great that your Crimson Rosellas have taken to their home.
Nice photos too.

farmingfriends said...

These are amazing photographs and it's great to see their development.
Sara from farmingfriends