Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Beneath the dahlias

I think it was Kerri who asked if the Tree Dahlias (earlier post) were a tree or a shrub?
They are neither. They are simply a very much larger version of a regular dahlia. They usually grow to a height of about 3 metres (10 ft) on thick, segmented stems from tubers.
They can propogated from tuber division. or the stems can be cut into sections - include at least two 'joints' in each section - and plant them horizontally in the ground.
We find the lower leaves tend to die off before flowering but these are easily removed to keep the plants looking neat and tidy. The stems are so strong that they don't require staking - what a bonus !!

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Kerri said...

Thank you Alice, for answering my question and posting these photos to show us the whole plants. The stems almost look like bamboo. Fascinating plants!
It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many different plants in this endless supply it seems.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dear Frances......

I was so pleased to receive your comment this morning, its always good to hear from you. Hope you, Richard and the family are keeping well.

Yes, our holiday with Betty & Edward was indeed a wonderful experience and culminated the on-line friendship between Betty and I that has grown during the last two years. As you say Frances, the internet opens many doors both to the unknown and unexpected, who would have thought 2 years ago that such a friendship was about to blossom..... I truly believe it was meant to be. Betty and Edward are the sweetest, loving and most hospitable people you could ever imagine and we truly felt well blessed during our stay with them. On our return jet lag took its toll, but I’m sure you have experienced the same after your visits to the UK.

I was interested to read your posting about the Tree Dahlias, I agree with Kerri, they do have a look of bamboo about them. Such pretty pink flowers...... a last reminder of summer before winter sets in.

Of course..... whilst you are heading towards your winter, we anticipate our summer. Its a very colourful time in our gardens right now, May & June is such a glorious time of year.... my favourite months.

Lots of Love & keep well. Marion

Barbara said...

So this tree dahlia is probably a perennial. Here we have to dig out the roots of the "normal" dahlia and overwinter them in a sheltered place (inside). They wouldn't survive our winters outside.
Have a good time, Alice!

DellaB said...

Hi Alice... I have been motivated to start blogging again, after a year's absence, not at the old link though, I have started 'fresh'.

I've moved all my blogroll, and am in the process of checking that links are current.

I actually didn't have to check yours though, as I have been visiting regularly to get my dose of beautiful 'things' - my apologies for lurking..

And thinking of you and your gardening skills, as I tried my first time to propagate a rose bush. Don't know yet how that has turned, doesn't look real promising..

thankyou, once again, for being here..


Noella said...

OK, it's time to come back into the garden, Maud!

Noella said...

Maud! Just what are you doing in that garden? Being serenaded by some heart throb or something...?

Back to business, my girl! Get planting and out with your camera!