Saturday, June 28, 2008


Moruya is a small town on the southern coast of New South Wales. It is blessed by spectacular scenery, beaches and river. The town has all the facilities one needs for everyday living, as well as a very comfortable climate through all four seasons.
In fact, it's the area in which I wanted to live ......

...... until my recent visits to Victoria.
Decisions, decisions, decisions !!!


Noella said...

Anyone for a swim? That water looks so inviting! Aren't we lucky having so much wonderful coastline in Australia.

Maybe you should come over here again and take another look at the beaches in the West! Bring your family and grandchildren, of course...

Love the photo of the yacht on the still, reflective waters of the inlet.

Kerri said...

I have to agree with Noella..that water looks wonderfully inviting, and you are very lucky to have so much beautiful coastline in Australia. Oh, how I miss it!
Those could be my footprints on that lovely sand if you'd only take me with you on your jaunts to the ocean dear Alice :) Let me know well in advance before your next excursion, will you please? It takes about 24 hours to fly over to Oz from here :)
Your beautiful photos will keep me going until then. I too love the second one with the yacht. It looks so beautifully peaceful. I'm glad you had a lovely time.