Friday, June 27, 2008

"I've been everywhere, man...."

Well, maybe not everywhere, but I've been South, West, North and East - and now I'm home again!
The trip down south into Victoria was lovely, the 'Made in Ballarat' concert was wonderful (of course), the trip back through Castlemaine ("Hello, Catsmum"), Daylesford, Bendigo, Shepparton, Wangaratta and home to Canberra was long, and generally interesting, and the trip East to the coast was relaxing.
The weather in Victoria was mainly overcast and drizzly so very few photos resulted. Even when it was fine enough for photos, I was too lazy to get out of the car and take them. Richard did offer many times to stop on Sturt St. in Ballarat so that I could take photos of the stunningly beautiful old homes. I'd rather have bought them than photographed them though.
But I did manage to take some of the lovely 1890's cottage where we stayed for two nights.

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I may not have taken many photos in Victoria - perhaps I was saving myself for the coast, where I took nearly 200, about half of which are of the ocean, but hoping for a glimpse of the migrating humpbacked whales - so 'stay tuned'.


Peggy said...

I think I want to sneak inside your suitcase on the next trip. You have such beautiful adventures!

Noella said...

Welcome back, Alice! I've just read your beautifully written review of your highlight of your latest adventure - was right there with you in my mind's eye (and heart!)!

I'll look forward to seeing more of your photos. I love the ocean and I wonder how you will express your artistic eye!

Kerri said...

Oooh! That cottage is so inviting! How I'd love to stay a couple of nights there. Wish I'd been with you!
I love all the blues with the white. Someone did a wonderful job with the decorating.
I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip, Alice. I've just enjoyed reading your excellent reviews of the concert and feel almost as if I were there. It all sounds wonderful.
Welcome home! You were missed :)

meggie said...

That cottage is exquisite!