Sunday, June 29, 2008

Port Albert, Victoria

On our recent trip to Yarram in South Gippsland, we spent an hour or so in the little village of Port Albert, Gippsland's oldest Port established in 1841, which remains today as one of the few operating fishing villages on the Victorian coastline.

Amateur fisherman have safe and easy access out into Bass Strait from here.

Located some 225 kilometres east of Melbourne, and just fourteen kilometres south of Yarram, it is a delightful village with a number of old buildings from the previous century lovingly restored. Some have a National Trust classification or are on the Historic Buildings Register.

Richard's mother taught here about 80 years ago. We found the schoolground but the old school building has been replaced by a sewerage pumping station. Ah, progress!!!

We thought we would make an offer for this 'house' - we're sure it has

However, since it's priced at $1.5million .........!!!

Actually, there is quite a bit of land with it, all designated for building blocks (about 6, I think) so ultimately it will be worth much more for someone with the money to realise its potential ... but that won't be us!

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Kerri said...

I know where to come when I want to sit and gaze at the water :) Your photos communicate the serenity and calm of this beautiful setting, and the color of ocean and sky is so vivid! The fluffy clouds add the perfect finishing touch.
I don't think you'd be very comfortable in that little 'house'. It would be a bit of a squeeze, but there's plenty of room for a nice, big garden!It's a bargain at half price! ;)
The grass looks a lovely shade of green there.

meggie said...

What beautiful photos! It does look most serene, & quite romantic really.

Catherine said...

OH MY! I don't know which is a more beautiful shade of "BLUE"~the sky or the water! Great captures..what a breathtakingly beautiful place! And those shots with the fabulous clouds & their beautiful reflections captured in the water~fantastic job!
Enjoy your week!
Thanks for sharing!

judypatooote said...

OK, I had to comment, those pictures are truly beautiful....boy to be able to see that view in person.... judy