Sunday, October 19, 2008

Different views

This Abutilon (Chinese Lantern) is covered in beautiful deep red flowers for at least 10 months of the year.

The elusive sunlight shining through the leaves of the Cercis (Forest Pansy) is so hard to capture in a photo - but I'll keep trying.

Malus (Crab Apple) blossom fully open. What more could one ask for in a flowering tree - shape, compactness, attractive foliage, and the flowers are glorious - and the bees love them.

Cotinus (Smoke Bush)

I have a habit of always photographing the garden from the same places, so today I opted for some different views.

Banksia rose spilling over the back fence.

Flowering eucalypt, just outside the fence.

The open space between our garden and the next suburb.

Looking towards the house and vegetable garden area.

Fruit trees with grapevines beginning to show through the pickets.

The back yard.

Jasmine over the back gate and espaliered pear and apple trees, which do a wonderful job of protecting that wall (our bedroom) from the hot westerly sun.

The front garden - from ground level.


Patsi said...

Never saw a flowering eucalypt before. Looks like your garden is really full of life.
Just wonderful.

Laura said...

Such sunny beautiful pictures! I love the crab apple blooms! I can almost smell them!

Rosemary said...

lovely pictures

Kerri said...

I wish it wasn't so far to come for a visit. I'd like nothing better than to see all this in person..and discuss all the different plants, while strolling around your beautiful garden.
It's nice to see your yard and garden from different aspects. You have so many beautiful trees and shrubs. I'm imagining the sunlight shining throuhg the Cercis leaves...beautiful, I'm sure.
As are those crabapple blooms. They looks like little roses.
You're the reason I now have 2 lovely Abutilons. Yours is looking very lovely. My pink one bloomed abundantly on the front porch all summer, and indoors for most of the winter...not as abundantly, but each bloom was a beautiful gift.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!

Your garden has always brightened my day.. thats for sure.

I still have to send the photo of that unknown plant. I haven't forgotten... my short term memory has though! lol

xox Nicole

meggie said...

Just a treat to see!

Pear tree cottage! said...

O! how I wish my garden looked like yours............when are you back down here I can give you a spade and a wheelbarrow and show you around my garden lol lol lol lol!

love always Lee-ann

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Your garden is a real treat especially for us in Victoria where the rain still isn't falling and all the gardens are looking sad.

humanobserver said...


Patsi said...

Just lovely. Never seen anything like your eucalypt,very cool.
So I'm guessing you have no neighbors near by. :)

Noella said...

Beautiful crab apple blossoms! I want one in my garden!!