Friday, October 03, 2008

"Meals on Wheels" - grandchildren style!

Zoe, Shay and Luca had a sleepover here this week.

It's always a pleasure to have them, especially as their food preference never varies - mashed potatoes with their dinner, and boiled eggs for breakfast. It seems that there is a certain lack of these items in their home diet - (they're really quite easy to make, Shelly).

A lovely sunny morning invited us to breakfast on the deck.

Although the table is a little way from the kitchen that was not a problem using our Mobile Waitressing Service.

All food was transported skillfully and speedily to the table in the same manner as the tray of toast below.

After breakfast, all items were returned to the kitchen in the same mobile manner.

A busy morning of playing creates an appetite, so the mini chefs did a great job of barbequeing the sausages for lunch.


Darla said...

They will ALWAYS remember and treasure these memories of being at your house.

Peggy said...

what fun wonderful memories you are making!!

Susan said...

How cute is that, mobile waitressing! Grandchildren are the best. I am enjoying your spring flower gardens, lovely as always.

shellyC said...

Now if I did make mashed potatoes and 'Egg Cup Eggs' - what would that leave you to be the master of???

gee those kids are cute though!!

Kerri said...

Shelly has a point ;)
I'd love to have been there for breakfast. Mum used to cook boiled eggs for my breakfast when I was a child. They were my favourite too :) With toast fingers.
The Statue was salivating over the sausages. They were a big hit with him while we lived there. I always loved them too. Can't get them like that over here. Woe is us.
Those cute kids sure are ingenious!