Friday, October 10, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...

... may I introduce 'Rossini'.

He is about 4 years old. His parents, 'Scruffy' and 'Buddy' were our constant visitors all one summer, demanding to be fed first thing in the morning and then serenading us throughout the day as they perched on the backs of the outdoor chairs.

We named Rossini after Gioachino Rossini, a popular early 19th century Italian composer; one of his operas being 'The Thieving Magpie'.

We chose wisely. This magpie isn't a thief, but he certainly is 'musical'. Richard has often been regaled with his extensive repertoire whilst working in the garden, but I hadn't heard the full 'concert' until yesterday.

The beautiful magpie warble was interspersed with many other bird calls including parrots, plovers, sparrows, as well as dogs barking, human voices, cars and even an ambulance siren in perfect pitch.

I know that magpies are noted for being good mimics but the range of sounds that Rossini has acquired is amazing. He has even copied the special way in which Richard whistles to him.

He is quite tame and will come into the house if the door is left open and when he's hungry he runs along the brick path, hops up the five steps up onto the deck, and pecks on the familyroom door.

We hope he stays and serenades us for many years.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Alice

Rossini is very beautiful and I hope he stay for a long time. I think he's very clever ;-)


Kerri said...

I miss hearing the magpies warble and watching their funny antics, but I also remember how annoying the squawking of the hungry babies can be :)
Rossini is a handsome bird, and I particularly like his name. It has a familiar ring to it :)
I'd love to hear Rossini's repertoire. If only you could record it for us.
That's a lovely photo with such a pretty background.

Anonymous said...

I love that you welcome all the wildlife from your gardens into your home and life. I have a 'thing' for animals in any kind of pain etc and find it better if I don't attach myself in any way. I once took a baby field mouse to the vet because it lost it's mother. My family still tease me about that one.

Aren't Shelly's poppets growing up so quickly? They are so gorgeous.

xox Nicole

meggie said...

Rossini is magnificent! What pleasure they give, with their music.

Noella said...

What a beautiful photograph, Alice.

My parents had magpies that would come to the front door every evening. When they had young, they would bring them for the first time and make a special call, waiting at the door to introduce them.

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