Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Garden Vistas

The view from the front door up towards the road. The garden is on three levels.

Under the cherry tree.

Please observe the front lawn whilst it is green - it could be gone in the blink of an eye, or a few hot windy days.

Cherry tree and the water tanks.

Front gardens from the top of the driveway.

White cherry blossom and blue sky - perfect!

African daisies, rocket (in flower) and Californian poppies.

African daisies and rosemary.

That tree again!

Mixed shrubbery.

Another 'statue' !!!

Some vegetables wait for no man, or woman - flowering Bok Choy.

All the vegetable beds are bordered by pansies - a must, according to 'the statue' above!

Broad beans

Perennial wallflower and Pear blossom

Roses and lavender.

Mountain Ashes and unknown daisy

Banksias and gazanias

Osteospermums and gazanias

Ceanothus just budding up.

Daisies and azalea in front garden


Patsi said...

Beautiful tour !!
I loved everything.
It will be a treat seeing your blog in our winter...I know our seasons are opposite.

Kerri said...

I'm so happy to see you've been inspired to get out into your beautiful garden with your camera, Alice. Everything is looking so gorgeous, and that cherry tree is breathtaking! Does it smell as sweet as it looks?
I'm very impressed with your statue's neat and tidy, well-planned vegetable garden. The pansies are are the perfect finishing touch.
It's easy to see that you both love tending to your gardens.
This lovely tour, and a cup of coffee, was just the thing to relax with after a long day at school. Thanks dear friend :)

Darla said...

Very beautiful flowers, I enjoyed my tour.

meggie said...

Pansies for borders? Hmmmmn, I let my rocket seed, & was rewarded by freebies, but now, they no longer return. Perhaps they need pansies to cheer them along?

Love your garden, & the gnome included!

Barbara said...

What a delight to see your garden, Alice, with all the beautiful blooms of summer! You've indeed created a paradise for you and your family! The cherry tree is absolutely fantastic! There are no words to describe this splendour!

Noella said...

What a beautiful garden you have, Alice! I enjoyed my tour!

God bless!