Friday, June 19, 2009

Beautiful Belgium

Over three weeks spent with Russ, Shannon and baby Evelynne in this beautiful little village in Belgium was sheer delight.
The village has a river on either side and a 600 year old canal running through the middle. Many boats are permanently moored on the canal and move through the loch out into the river. We had a wonderful view of the loch and all the action from the their third floor apartment.
Here are just a few of the views in and around the village - views we never tired of looking at and photographing.
The houses along the cobbled streets vary in size, style and colour, and are always interesting.

The canal is bordered by well-tended gardens and lawns.

View towards the bridge which opens to allow the boats through the loch to the river.

View from the kitchen window ... what a view!

The chestnut trees were in full bloom throughout our visit.

A familiar sight - schoolchildren cycling home for lunch.

Arriving home - or maybe about to depart.

Down the canal.

Bridge reflections.

Turn the corner to find a village full of surprises.

The bridge opens to allow another boat into the loch.

Boats moored whilst waiting for the loch gates to open.

Houses of every shape and colour.....

.... and boats, both large and small.


In transit said...

It's always so nice to see it through someone else's eyes! Great photos!

Kerri said...

How beautiful your photos are of this picturesque village! Sheer delight indeed.
The houses lining the canal look quaint, tucked closely side by side, and how lovely to see that peaceful water view from the window every day and so many boats!
Lucky kids to cycle home for lunch..a much nicer idea than eating cafeteria food. One of the joys of small town life :)
Thanks for sharing this delightful village, Alice. I especially love the last photo.