Monday, June 08, 2009

It's almost over.....

.... and time to leave the beautiful scenery of Europe in the summer and return to Australia in the winter. However, we've had six fantastic weeks which we'll relive over and over for many years.

After leaving Belgium we spent 6 days in a tiny village in the Berry Province of France with a new friend, Frankie. What fun we had visiting so many quaint little villages, travelling country lanes and learning French customs, especially in relation to food. Thanks Frankie, it was wonderful...and I hope your little village is appreciating the vast improvements to its musical culture!!!

A somewhat roundabout plane trip from France and two bus rides eventually brought us to Bristol, England, to stay with my cousins, and fall in love with England all over again. A week in a little village in NW Wales brought us some more highlights....stunning scenery, adventurous train rides, and a delightful day spent with Marion (Reflections through the Seasons) were other memorable treasures of our trip.

Since returning to Bristol we've caught up with other cousins and my niece from Australia, and enjoyed the first rain since arriving in Europe on 28 April.

Now we have only two more days before we begin the journey home on Wednesday afternoon, hopefully arriving by Friday afternoon, ready for a good sleep no doubt.

What an amazing time we've had, meeting new people, including our beautiful grandaughter, Evelynne, and catching up with friends and family in three countries. We've seen new places, experienced new cultures, and made new friends......and along the way we've taken several thousand photos!!!

Oh what joy it will be to sort through the photos and relive so many wonderful moments all over again. I'm looking forward to sharing many of them with you in the coming weeks.


Kerri said...

It must seem like a very long time since you've seen your own home and garden. I'm sure you'll be happy to be home, sleeping in your own bed again, but what an adventure you've had!
I see you've been busy promoting some fine musical talent yet again :)
I look forward to hearing more details and seeing some of the myriad photos of all those wonderful places you've experienced.
Wishing you and Richard safe and smooth traveling, dear Alice.

Noella said...

Looking forward to seeing your several thousand photo!

I am happy you are having such an amazing holiday of family, friends and beautiful places.

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Lucky you !!
Can't wait to see the pictures.