Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Belgium - ANTWERP

The city of Antwerp is the second largest in Belgium and surely a shopping mecca for all of Europe, hence the countless clothing, perfume, jewellery, shoe and handbag stores in the city centre.
Lovely shops selling quality merchandise - although not to me; I had to keep in mind those weight limits on luggage...lol. However, we were more than compensated by the many beautiful buildings.
Meir Street

Antwerp Railway Station - exterior...

.... and interior

More beautiful buildings

An up-market shopping mall - goldleaf and all.

Antwerp Cathedral

Peter Paul Rubens - Antwerp's most famous son.

Two more cathedral photos.....however this beautiful building deserves a posting of its own.

An organ grinder....I think the monkey took the photo...lol.

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Kerri said...

Antwerp certainly is a beautiful city..as seen through the eyes of yours and Richard's cameras. I'm loving this armchair travel :)
You must've been in seventh heaven amongst all that amazing architecture! It's an interesting mix of ancient and modern, isn't it?
I notice that a lot of people ride bicycles there, and in other parts of Europe. It's certainly a healthy way to go!
Thanks, dear Alice, for taking the time to share these wonderful photos.