Monday, June 15, 2009


We really needed a sense of humour to appreciate Canberra weather's cruel joke on Friday! Having arrived back in Sydney at 6.00am to sunshine but a chilly wind, we boarded the bus to bring us back to Canberra. Very smooth ride, but somehow having just travelled about 24,000km to get home, that last couple of hundred seemed the hardest - especially when we spied the temperature outside the ABC ..... 3ยบ at midday!!! Almost enough to make us turn around and catch the first plane back to Europe.

Jet lag hasn't been an issue ..... just the cold! Thank heavens for ducted heating, although even that was working overtime to heat a house that had been closed up for a week. We've been pretty lazy since arriving home, apart from finding the car battery flat, and after charging it all night, discovering that it had actually 'died', necessitating a new battery before we could go and do any shopping, going to one hockey match, and downloading about one third of approx. 9000 photos. A good many of them will be culled since we seemed to spend our time both taking photos of the same things.

So, I'd best go and turn the heater up a notch ..... and see if I can brighten up these pages with a few photos.


Kerri said...

That's pretty nippy after you've been gallivanting around in summer weather on the other side of the equator. A shock to the system, no doubt. The ducted heating must be a blessing indeed.
The dead battery was obviously the car's protest about being left alone for 6 weeks :)
Goodness...9000 photos! I don't envy you the job of sorting through all those. Looking forward to seeing some of them though.
Welcome back dear friends! You've been missed. I hope you get settled in soon without too much restlessness. It's hard to come back to everyday life after such a wonderful adventure.
I wish you could walk through my garden with me at the moment. It has quite a few blooms providing lovely bits of color. I know you'd overlook the weeds, and crowding :)
How is your garden growing?

Jane said...

I am not often envious of travel but your photos are glorious.
You should find a cassette somewhere now you have arrived home.
Sorry it took me forever,.