Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heading South

We're heading south for a couple of weeks or so. Firstly to Melbourne to see family and friends, and the final performance of 'Fledermaus' at the State Theatre on Saturday afternoon. It's had fantastic reviews so we're really looking forward to an afternoon of great music and laughter, plus meeting up with more friends there.
After the weekend we'll spend a few days gradually wending our way across to Adelaide where we'll stay for 9 days, primarily to watch the National Hockey League finals, but also to see the sights of this beautiful city and surrounds. Russell will join us for the first weekend in Adelaide during his one-week flying visit from Belgium.
ACT Strikers warming up for a match (photo taken in Melbourne last year.)
After the hockey finishes we'll drive back home through South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, staying overnight with friends on the way.
Should be a great trip with lots of photo opportunities.
Take care, one and all.


racheld said...

You're off again!!! What a lovely life you lead, with your beautiful gardens at home, and all the wonderful places you see.

I love Die Fledermaus, but it's a bit confusing at times---much akin to one of those vaudeville romps where everyone is rushing in and out of doors and costumes, just missing each other.

Have a glorious time!!

Calidore said...

Enjoy your trip and all that you are doing. Pack your winter woolies though - it's freezing down this way.

Bernie said...

Have a wonderful trip, enjoy and be safe......:-) Hugs

Diana (Di) said...

Hello Alice, I just found your lovely blog and have been enjoying some of your beautiful flowers, fotos and sunsets.

The outdoor BBQ is splendid and serves a dual purpose... very nice. Enjoy your trip south.

Kerri said...

I've probably missed you already, but I do hope you have a wonderful time.
You'll be happy to know that The Farmer is working outdoors again, recovering well. PTL! He's happy to be driving the tractor and planting veggies. He and Kylie have been working on her market garden, among other things.
It's his birthday today!
We'll look forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing all those photos! xoxoxoxo

Laura in Paris said...

Enjoy! Have a wonderful time and come back with more pictures and tales!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. I love David Hobson's voice and also Die Fledermaus...should be a good show.

Look forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing some photos.

diane said...

Have a great trip. Enjoy the opera and your son's visit. The hockey too (my favourite sport). Sounds like you are in for an exciting time but I bet it will be cold down there.

catsmum said...

David was wonderful wasn't he ? - sorry we didn't manage to cross paths that day.
as for the rest of Fledermaus ... well ... underwhelmed would be the word for me, and the glorious soprano voice of Yvonne Kenny was totally wasted with that RIDICULOUS attempt at impersonating Marlene Dietrich for the party scene. I'm told that was Yvonne's choice - what WAS she thinking ?
I'm probably not the best judge - Fledermaus isn't one of my favourites - I just went to hear/see The Boy