Sunday, May 02, 2010

Cairns Botantic Gardens

I know that Cairns, in far north Queensland, is a very popular tourist spot for overseas visitors of all ages. If ever you are lucky enough to visit this lovely city, a walk around the magnificent Botanic Gardens will be an added delight. Although these gardens are not very large, the collection of plants could keep you enthralled for hours.
Many tropical plants are unfamiliar to me, so rather than mis-name them, I have chosen to leave most of them un-named.

I hope you enjoyed your trip around half of the gardens......I'll post more photos in a day or two.


Kerri said...

Tropical plants look so prehistoric to me. They're amazing with their unusual flowers and sometimes huge leaves. What Wonderful variety!
I can imagine dinosaurs (only the peaceful kind, of course) grazing amid that lush growth.
Thanks for sharing the beauty, Alice.
We're having a dose of summer here. Yesterday was very warm and today promises a thunderstorm or two. Warmth and rain are welcome!

racheld said...

How lovely to see my two favorite Ladies-Down-Under side by side on the sidebar this morning!!

You always take the most wonderful trips and have the NEATEST adventures!

I recognize only a ocuple of these, as well, and it just widens the scope of the wonders of the world to see things which just go on about their beautiful lives, not knowing of ME either!

Lovely, and such a treat to see, for I'd never experience such marvels, save for this vast world and wonderful friends on the Internet.


Catsngrams said...

What beautiful gardens. Thanks for sharing. Hug to you.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I love tropical plants and we have a lot of those growing. But I haven't seen the one in the first photo...I love one of those!

Terrific photos...Cairns is a beautiful city, especially at this time of the year without the tropical humidity.

Laura in Paris said...

While in Los Anegles, I visited Huntington Botanical Gardens, though not as exotic as these, a true regal to walk through ...