Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Through the kitchen window

Autumn leaves often seem to create their own light but at other times the sunshine highlights their beautiful colours even more.
The first two photos were taken through the kitchen window yesterday morning.

These were taken around the garden yesterday and today. We are entering the frosty season and this will enhance the autumn colours, although some trees are almost bare yet others have scarcely begun to change colour.

Japanese Maples

Sycamore Maple

Another Japanese Maple

Smoke Bush. These branches grow about two metres each summer and will be pruned right back when all the leaves have fallen. They always look so stunning against a blue sky.

Claret Ash still has quite a bit of colouring to do yet.


Ozjane said...

Lovely colors. I planted my new weeping Japanese maple outside the back room window today....it has lovely color then I attacked the flowering quince (whatever the real name that has gone west in...ah Japonica.......it came back east.
I think I may have pruned it too harshly at the wrong time as some flower were appearing...but tough.it had to happen.
More bulbs were planted.

LC said...

I've enjoyed all your photos lately... I like the maples as well and am just starting to experiment with them here... Larry

Bernie said...

Your garden is so beautiful, I love the Fall colors.....:-) Hugs

diane said...

You are lucky to experience Autumn leaves. They are beautiful. However, I don't think I could tolerate the cold. I'm freezing here in Sydney. Looks like tonight might be the night.